Why You Should Pretend You’re A Vegan


If you’re anything like me, you’ve had your bouts with Vegetarianism. There was that time in once in high-school when you thought that eating a cheeseburger from McDonalds without the patty was a “veggie” burger. The time you declared yourself a veg because you only eat fish, which you already never ate. Yes, we were cool before it was cool to be Vegetarian. Turns out, that it’s not just good to beef up (no pun intended) your intake of plant based foods while also shunning animal products such as dairy and meat, but also good for you.  If the thought of giving up your steak is unquestionable- you can at least eat like a vegan a few days a week and still reap the benefits. Here’s why it’s healthy to eat like a vegan, or at least pretend you are one:

  • It can make you skinnier Not that I condone the idea that “skinny” is better than “fat” (ugh, I just hate typing those words!), but it’s a fact. Vegans just consume less calories than the carnivorious types. Also, because lots of processed super market foods contain animal products, Vegans tend to read labels and avoid foods they don’t make themselves. For example- marshmellows contain gelatin which is made from boiling skin, bones, and other animal parts. Or,  red dye, aka cochineal is made from grinding up insects!!!! Yuck! That’s enough to turn me vegan for good!
  • You will be healthier. Bill Clinton did it after his heart woes, celebs like Ruben Studdard of American Idol fame lost his unhealthy weight by becoming a vegan. The German Cancer Research Center did a study where they found that veggie men reduced their risk of early death by 50%, women by 30%! The better health can be contributed to the fact that you’re stuffing your face with green stuff loaded with vitamins vs saturated fats, cholesterol, hormones, antiboitics, toxins.
  • You will be a concious eater. No more can you just pick up fast-food on the way home, as a vegan you’ll have to plan your meals to insure you actually get enough of the good stuff. Meal planning and reading labels makes you a concious eater and that will not only make you feel better inside and out but cause you to put your attention on creating a healthy life for yourself. That’s good anyway you slice it!


Still feeling overwhelmed? Don’t fret! There’s simple ways to work the vegan lifestyle into your routine. Try swapping your cow’s milk to almond in your cereal. Plan to cook veggie a couple days a week. Suggest going to a vegan restaurant instead of a steak house every now and then. In upcoming posts, I’ll be featuring some Vlogs (video blogs) with my good friend and vegan chef Jenné Claiborne , so stay tuned! Try treating yourself like a vegan- your body will thank you inside and out!

Do you dream about vegetables? Already cooking veggie-style? Maybe you have a recipe you’d like us to do a Vegan redo? We’d love to hear about it! Leave your comments or pictures below! 

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photos courtesy of sweet potato soul blog

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