The FORM Pilates Cooperative


By being a member of FORM you are taking part in a revolution in the Pilates industry. The first of it’s kind, the original Pilates Cooperative, FORM allows you the freedom to charge your clients what you want, work less, and build a business that supports the life you want to lead. NO OTHER studio in NYC will allow you the freedom and support to run a successful Pilates biz.

Take home more than 70% of your hourly rate AND build a client list that is yours to own, and that, is PRICELESS.  

Great, I’m in! What are my options for membership?


FULL Membership

Get all the good things FORM has to offer with our FULL Membership:

Benefits of our FULL Membership include:

  • Our front desk Pilates Concierge service to help greet your clients and manage your studio needs
  • Your own set of keys to access the studio
  • Your own login to our software to enable you to view, book, cancel or change your sessions anytime
  • Your own locker to store your stuff
  • Ability to make standing appointments
  • Access to our Client Lead Program to help pad your existing schedule with new clients
  • a FREE monthly Friends and Family session 
  • Ambassador Perks- spread the word about FORM to your instructor colleagues and get free membership months

why choose the full membership?

  • No restrictions on days/times to see clients in the studio
  • Access to all of our programs including the Client Lead program and Ambassador Program
  • The most autonomy and freedom for someone who has an existing clientele

Cooperative Dues for Full Members:

$149 per mo. OR save 15% off one year up front, $1524 Save $264

Rental Rates: 

$34 per hour for a Single Space

$165 per hour for a 5 pack of spaces ($32 per space) good for one month

20pack of spaces = $540 ($27 ea) good for 2 months

30pack of spaces = $750 ($25 ea) good for 3 months.


INTERN Program

Dying to get in on the Cooperative but don’t have enough clients to cover your membership costs? Our Intern Program may be for you! Get all the perks of our FULL Membership without the monthly membership fee:

Participants in the FORM Pilates Internship program must:

  • complete four (4), four hour shifts in one calendar month
  • attend a monthly meeting (2 hrs) that includes a short coaching lesson and group masterminding.
  • be responsible for teaching a rotating staff and intern workout
  • must see a total of 5 clients during the term of their 3 month commitment
  • members who are enrolled in the Intern program are not eligible for referral payouts


Current Shifts available for Interns:

Monday 8am-12pm, 4-8pm

Tuesday 4-8pm

Wednesday 8am-12pm, starting 11/1/18 4-8pm

Thursdays 8am-12pm, 4-8pm

Fridays  8am-12pm 

DROP-IN Membership

For certified instructors that want to use FORM to see their clients without joining the cooperative as a member. There is NO montly fee 

Restrictions for Drop-In Members

  • Drop-Ins can only use the studio during these days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays 
  • No access to our online booking system or keys. Drop-Ins must request a booking by emailing the studio: studio [at] formpilates [dot] com 24 hrs in advance
  • Single rental rates only available. Drop-Ins do not have access to rental packages
  • Drop-Ins do not have access to our Client Lead Program, Friends and Family sessions, Ambassador perks, or the ability to do their own workout without booking a space for themselves.

Rental Rate for DROP-IN: 

$34 per hour for a Single Space