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How to get innovative and prototype

We know it. You know it. Working dollar for hour has a shelf life. Want to make your fitness biz your full time gig? Time to explore other revenue streams to keep the cash flow flowing. Ever thought of a product that would not only change your client’s bodies but also potentially your pocketbook?

Enter Ilaria Cavagna. This accomplished Pilates instructor, had a penchant for high heels and for her clients who suffered from wearing them. She quickly realized the need for the every woman to heel their feet and still look glamours. The Rescue Loop was born.

During this workshop we’ll explore:

  • How to go from an idea to an actual prototype
  • The importance of being risk taker when being an entrepreneur
  • The need for cash- how to crowd fund your idea
  • How to get the word out about your invention

Once we’ve heard from the pros, you’ll get a chance to try the Rescue Loop! Ilaria will take us through a guided class to give you the opportunity to feel the product at work on your own body!

Get this afternoon full of knowledge, tips, and insider tricks along with light snacks and a Goodie bag to take home!

When: Friday February 24th  1-3pm


FORM Pilates USQ

108 E 16th St. #504

NYC, NY 10003



$49 live in studio

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Cost: $25

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                                                                 Ilaria Cavagna

Ilaria Cavagna is the founder of High Heel Rescue and her mission is to help women who love high heels have it both ways: perfect foot health and style. A High heel lover herself, Ilaria was moved by many of her female clients complaints to find a solution to the hell of high heels. Personal trainer Ilaria Cavagna is the first choice of the finest names in entertainment and fashion, all of whom understand that fitness is an essential part of beauty and grace. She believes that high heels are so much more than a few inches under the foot. They tell our history, they change the way women move and act and provide a burst of confidence. After a life in the gym and training, Ilaria believes that the rescue that our feet are looking for is a specific and targeted workout for women who wear high heels. 


                                                                      Lindsay Lopez

Lindsay Small ShotLindsay is a dynamic force of nature. Years in tutus and tights paid off with wild success as a dancer and actress. Years in the “biz” taught her that dreams can come true, with plenty of planning and TONS of action to back them up. With a vision of helping her fellow instructors make what they deserve and live a life they love, Lindsay created FORM Pilates Union Square to focus on trainers rather than the clientele. The result was a workspace for teachers who love to teach and clients who love to learn. Although Lindsay teaches less and less, she is breathing new life into a stale industry. Her wish is to provide her peers with the business training they so desperately need. As a positive coach and gutsy mentor, Lindsay Lopez is changing the Pilates business for the better. Find more on Lindsay here.