Ladies Who Crunch

There’s a new phenomenon occurring at a gym, yoga studio, or barre class near you. Chances are you’ve already seen it. Adult women, comfortable in their Lululemon workout gear, spending 75% of their disposable income on fitness classes. Gone are the days of sipping martinis over finger sandwiches in the middle of the day at the Plaza. Now both kept woman AND their successful exec counterparts are siding up, spandex to spandex, in spin class and then again later in the day at yoga, barre, or the cardio dance class of their choice. Gone are the days where working out once daily is enough. Now the daily workout means multiple times daily. For women who have the cash to shell out $100 a day plus on fitness, working out has left past-time and graduated to infatuation. Is all this good, too good for you? Have we gone overboard on wellness?


So more of a good thing is better isn’t it? Not really. Research says that just 30 minutes a day of physical activity is enough to help prevent things like diabetes, high-blood pressure and cholesterol. The idea that two hours of exercise is better than one is a little well, obsessive thinking, ladies. In actuality, too much exercise can yield very opposite results like injuries, exhaustion, and surprise — depression! Basically, too much of anything is no good and some experts say this could be the new form of addiction: Exercise.

So how do you know you should go to exercise rehab instead of your next Pilates class? Telltale signs are refusing to take time off even when injured, exercising at inappropriate times like when your wife is giving birth, and being OBSESSED with counting calories, inches lost, or that tiny piece of chocolate you just ate. Another giveaway sign is the obsession with how you look. Do you obsess about your abs, ass, or all of the above? You might just be crossing the line from where something is gratifying to controlling.

Recognize yourself in the above? Don’t fret — there’s recovery for what ails you. First off, come into balance. If you feel the need to add another workout to your schedule think again. What self-soothing activity can you do instead? Get a massage? Take a nap? Do nothing? Ask yourself why you’re wanting to squeeze in that extra spin class today. Is it because you need it or would like it? Another great solution is to get professional help. Working with an exercise professional such as a personal trainer or Pilates instructor, they will keep your feet on the ground while still reaching for your fitness and wellbeing goals. They can design a plan to keep you healthy without over doing it and injuring yourself. Finally, talk it out. Think you might have a bit of a dependence on the exercise high? Ask your friends and family for their advice, or even better see a professional to address the underlying issues that got you jones for your exercise fix in the first place.

Find some equilibrium in your workouts and eat a sandwich. Turns out those ladies who lunch were onto something after all…



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