Teacher Focus Feature~ Angilique Campbell

My first thought when meeting the amazingly gorgeous Angilique Campbell was that she was a Nubian Princess in a past life. Statuesque and striking, standing 5’8”, she is a pure joy to be around. She has an air of poise and self-assurance that makes you want to be her and an relaxed nature that makes you want to also be her best friend. Don’t let her beauty and hysterical stories fool you- she will kick your butt Pilates style!


Angilique started her career in movement teaching group fitness classes that focused on cardio and strength training. During her packed classes her keen eye found that many students had issues with their bodies. Her desire to help address correct and restore them to proper movement led her into Pilates. She started taking Pilates mat and apparatus classes and fell in love. Immediately she felt the benefits of the method and decided to get her certification through Power Pilates.

Angilique’s favorite part of teaching Pilates is the challenge it provides for all fitness levels. She works with professional athletes and dancers helping to improve their game or performance with her rigorous regime (I told you she was a tough cookie). She’s also keen on the fact that Pilates is a perfect fit for rehabbing injuries since it can be modified for those with special needs. She even gets to practice this softer side of Pilates weekly since she also teaches out of a physical therapy office here in Manhattan.


She enjoys working with the variety of clients but especially with dancers because she also dances. She loves that dancers have a great sense of body awareness but then also need the conditioning outside of classes, rehearsals, and performances. In addition to the dance community, Angilique also loves to work with men. She sees them lifting weights and running but neglecting their core and flexibility training. She gives them exercises to help improve their core strength, increase their flexibility, and show them that Pilates is not just for women! It was created by a man after all…Joseph Pilates!

Angilique Campbell

When Angilique’s not in the studio she most likely is getting a fierce mani/pedi! Her nails are kinda an obsession and she can name almost any color on the shelf. She takes yoga, ballet, contemporary, and modern classes regularly, sometimes three in one day! She loves a great brunch and is diligently practicing her French with aims to become fluent.

Here’s some fun facts about Ms. Campbell you might not know:

  • She gets her nails done so often that the salon she frequents  gave me her Korean name, Soo Hee
  • She loves cooking and will take classes to learn new recipes and is always experimenting on her own at home
  • She loves animals and often goes to the pet shop just to play with them
  • She had emergency eye surgery this year which prevented her from going blind. She loves going for follow up visits because she has the biggest crush on her surgeon:)
  • She’s fancy like the Iggy Azalea song

Click on the video below to get a taste of the goodness that is Angilique then click here to book with Angilique in our Union Square studio for a sweaty workout or a cure for what ails you.

photos courtesy of  Simon McDermott-Johnson and Nina Robinson

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New Teachers on the Block

Remember when a new kid would be placed into your classroom and be forced to stand in front of the class while everyone monotonously welcomed them? We’re attempting to do a cooler, blog version of that with the new teachers at FORM. The upside being, we won’t actually know if you politely said “hi” or if you threw a paper airplane at them.

In alphabetical order, because any other order wouldn’t work at school, please welcome:

Alissa Alter – I’ve already lied to you. Alissa’s not really “new” at FORM, but she is one of our favorites. She manages to be a ray of sunshine but still down-to-earth. She’ll kick your derrière but with a smile on her face so you won’t even see it coming.

Fun fact about Alissa: She can’t get enough of her French Bulldog, Walter.


Angilique Campbell – I’m pretty sure “fierce” is the first word you think of when you see this lady. Let me know if you agree. Fortunately, her temperament eases any reluctances you may have about doing Pilates.

Fun fact about Angilique: She gets a different color manicure every week and knows the names of the colors by Essie and OPI. She was even given the Korean name, So Hee (pronounced sue-hee), by the nail technicians at her favorite salon.


Claire Danese – Previously a classical Ballet dancer, Claire has the poise that women long to achieve and maintain. She’s also incredibly patient, which may stem from being a mother of two children.

Fun fact about Claire: She went to the Royal Ballet school, which was a boarding school in a Royal Hunting Lodge in the middle of Richmond Park in London.

Claire_Danese copy

Monica Delgado – I’d classify Monica as one of those silent but strong kind of women. While she’s always smiling when you see her, she can easily sneak in and out of the studio. More than likely, you’ll want to be friends with her after just a few sessions.

Fun fact about Monica: Monica has traveled to 24 different countries in Asia, North and Central America, and Europe.


Nicole Desmond – Nicole has that extra flair that makes you notice her when she walks into the room. Some might say, it’s her red hair, others would say it’s her personality. She brings a welcomed variance to the Pilates world.

Fun fact about Nicole: She is a cocktail connoisseur and rum expert and every spring she judges an international rum competition in Miami.

Nicole Desmond

Jamie Graham – I may have lied again…whoops. Jamie has been with us for over a year now, but she is new to certain clients. She has the aura of zen yogi with the discipline of a dancer. Before you know it, she’ll have you doing exercises you didn’t think you were capable of doing.

Fun fact about Jamie: She makes a mean raw kale salad!


Makela Spielman – Makela has such a kind presence that I wasn’t surprised when she said she had worked with a variety of rehabilitating clients. With the spirit of a mother (because she is one), she’ll guide you through exactly the kind of workout your body needs.

Fun Fact about Makela: Her sister, who was 3 years old at the time, named her.


All of these women are phenomenal in their own way. Whether you’re 18 or 78, they will help you reform your body into the best version possible. Each instructor has their own days and times during the week when they are available. Give us a call or shoot us an email studio [at] formpilates [dot] com to set up a session with them. If I could, I would be taking Pilates session with every one of them! In the words of Levar Burton on The Reading Rainbow, “but don’t take my word for it.”

If you’re interested in FORM Pilates and the instructors above, email us studio [at] formpilates [dot] com and we’ll find you the perfect match!

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