Summer School

Summer School is a series of Pilates continuing education for certified Pilates instructors.

Held at the original Pilates Co-op, FORM Pilates is THE place for serious Pilates instructors. FORM is a shared workspace just for Pilates instructors where they can bring their own clients, learn how to build their own business, and join a community of like minded peers.

Experienced Pilates pros know when our schedule frees up from teaching clients, we go back to school!

Sign up for one or all three workshops. We have great AC and promise you’ll have fun out of the sun!

Crossing Over

with Michael Johnson | Friday July 21st 2017 1-3pm | Privates and Duets avail: 11-1 & 3-5pm

How Pilates Cross Pollinates other Disciplines

As busy Pilates instructors we tend to get Pilates tunnel vision. Do you find yourself focusing so much on Pilates that your body just doesn’t remember anything else? Just like the human body is interconnected, so are all forms of movement. To be an effective teacher we need to know how other movements influence our bodies and the bodies of our clients.

A seasoned athlete and experienced Pilates instructor, Michael Johnson has found the connection between the movement in his life. Join Michael for a Pilates discussion and experimentation on how Pilates can be translated across all physical training styles.

In this two hour workshop we’ll explore:

How to effectively working with athletes so they get what they need

Designing programs to help with injuries and speed recovery

Increasing Mobility to unlock other movement’s unlimited potential and performance

Come ready to move, discuss, and delve deeper into the Pilates method


$75 for non members

$50 for Cooperative members

Must be a certified Pilates instructor to attend.

Private and duet session available before or after workshop. $150 per session.

I’m in – Sign me up!

Meet Michael:

Micheal’s Mom first introduced him to Pilates and yoga when he was 16. An all around athlete in high school, Pilates had a profound affect on his life. A valuable addition to the sports he already played- Lacrosse, golf, cross country, skied, windsurfing, and mountain biking, Micheal found the yoga and Pilates a new challenge for this inflexible athlete. 

Fascinated by learning more Pilates Micheal went through his first certification by Kim Lee in 1995, then later also was certified by Romana n 1997. His learning continued with his Yoga certification by Richard Villella in 2011 After 35 years of daily practice he is STILL receiving all the profound benefits of these powerful methods. Find Michael living and teaching in NYC. | Instagram: @matfit_nyc