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A slimmer and leaner silhouette is achieved through core strengthening Pilates and the proper fitting bra!

 a story about a young lady’s bra fitting by Lauren Gralton

 I am the first to admit, I was a very late bloomer. The awkward years stretched on from middle school into college for me but I (like everyone else) just kept on trucking. I was temporarily dismayed to find my 32A bra size would not be increasing anytime soon. Alas, I finally submitted to never looking fantastic in a bikini. Life goes on.


This is why I was ASTOUNDED when the woman at Chantelle who was delicately fitting me for a bra revealed that I am now a 30D. I thought there must be some mistake, I still pretty much resemble an A, maybe a B. She explained to me that the cup size has more to do with covering the surface area of all of the breast tissue. I say “all” because it can, in fact, spread to underneath your armpit. Unlike most bras that one finds in the lingerie department, Chantelle takes this (and so much more) into consideration. Even though my breast tissue doesn’t all stand at attention in front, it doesn’t mean that its friends on the side shouldn’t be supported. I was about to enter a whole new world <cue song> of bra support.


I think the first aspect that made me realize Chantelle wasn’t the typical bra company was their approach in fitting. I was welcomed into a private area complete with space for my clothing, a mirror, sample sizes and styles, and reassuringly, a woman who knew her stuff. This was completely opposite to the experience I had when I was first fitted back in high school. I have a vivid memory of being measured in public, in a store that faced out into the mall so passersby could nonchalantly view this over-the-shirt “accurate” measurement. I later had a revelation that her secret wasn’t quality bra-fitting.


Once we determined the size, the fitter went on to tell me which styles would work best for my shape. This varies on each woman throughout her lifetime, whether they have a post-pregnancy body or a post-menopausal one. She informed me that, “the right bra is going to give the woman a younger and thinner silhouette.”


I am in the midst of my Chantelle bra makeover, but in the meantime I must occasionally wear a bra of lesser value. I can tell you with 100% honesty that my non-Chantelle bras just don’t feel as favorable. Throughout the day, I’m adjusting and cognizant of the fact that my side boob is just chillin’ outside of the cup. When I put on a Chantelle bra that is the accurate size and style for my shape, I feel secure and confident. A confidence that no one else on the subway can pinpoint except for me.


Chantelle accommodates women of all sizes from 30”-44” with a cup size of A-H. Sure, you can find distributors of Chantelle around the world, but don’t you want to be fitted like a queen? Here’s your chance. Stop by FORM Pilates in Union Square on Tuesday, December 3rd between 9am-9pm. You’ll receive one-on-one Pilates instruction for 15 minutes and then a one-on-one bra fitting in a separate room. At that time, you will have the opportunity to order from the 2013 Fall and Winter collection at 15% off. You won’t be able to find this deal anywhere else. While you’re in the studio, drop your business card in the glass vase for a chance to win a free 1-hour session with Lindsay Lopez, the founder and owner of FORM Pilates.


Lauren Gralton has been a part of the FORM Pilates crew since the Spring of 2012. You can find her most days behind the desk! When she’s not at the studio, she’s out and about in the city auditioning for shows.

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