My Kick-Ass Yearly Planning Tool


set-goals-like-the-pros-just-in-time-for-new--L-MKilrmHopefully by now you’ve completed my Painted Picture exercise from the last newsletter. If you haven’t go here to get the deets. You’re probably saying to yourself, “So, now I have the picture in mind, how the heck do I make it a reality?” The next step is what separates the women from the girls (or men from the boys). Traditional goal setting has  you writing resolutions, goals, or dreams but gives no direction on how to actually make them a reality. The problem isn’t with your ability to dream or plan, your problem is with the follow through. Never fear, Lindsay’s here! I have the plan to resolve your resolutions! No longer will you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of your tasks, or the scope of the life you want to live. This is THE system I use, and the one that will change your life and business for the better.

Using the calendar chart I’ve created, plug in any trips, family, commitments, or vacations you know you are taking next year. If you’re a paper kinda gal, write in pencil, (trust me you’ll want to make changes) Next, take a look at your ten goals you narrowed down in the Painted Picture exercise. Here’s the hard part- place each of the goals into the months you’d like them to be achieved by. Suddenly your year doesn’t look so open does it? Thought you could visit Grandma, get the kids into that exclusive day camp, and go back and get your masters degree…all in the month of June? Think again. This is where you have to get really honest with yourself and maybe even give yourself a smack-down. You want your new year to be productive NOT destructive. One of the problems with planning and productivity is that we (as in you AND me) tend to do the following: over estimate the amount of things we want to get done and underestimate how much time everything actually takes.

I have good and bad news. The bad news is by looking at your year, you’ll realize that you won’t be able to do as much as you’d like, and have to pare down. The good news is by trimming your list, you’ll actually accomplish what you set out to…and like a rock star!  Play around with this calendar for a bit. See what you can comfortably do in a month without tearing your hair out. The third and final step in this process will be to actually map out EVERY step in each goal, but don’t worry I’ll help you with that. For now, take a breath and start to envision the best year your business has ever known!


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