Member Info and Renewal Contracts

 Membership Rates:

At FORM we rent our studio per space, ie a duet is two spaces

$34 per hour for a Single Space

$165 for a 5 pack of spaces ($32 per space) good for one month

$540 for a 20pack of spaces ($27 ea) good for 2 months

$750 for a 30pack of spaces ($25 ea) good for 3 months.

You have two pricing options for membership at the Co-Op:

$149 Per month


$1524 for the entire year up front

Membership lengths are 3,6,&12 month long commitments

You may book standings for the length of your contract

Priority booking goes to the members with the longest length of contract


Here’s how to Sign Your Contract:


Click the appropriate contract below

Log-in with these credentials:

username: the email associated with your MBO account

password: Pilates108

Go through security measures

Double check sure your contact info is correct

Read the contract through

IMPORTANT: Adjust the dates to reflect the start and end dates of your contract

Sign away!

Both the studio and you will receive a copy via email


Email them to studio [at] formpilates [dot] com. You will receive a confirmation email once they have been added.




Client Lead Program 

In a nutshell, the client lead process goes like this:

-a prospect contacts the studio
-we ask them a series of questions about their Pilates experience, goals, and desired schedule
-based on the above we match them with an instructor

Take a look at the policies in the contract below make sure they make sense to you. I’m happy to jump on the phone with you to describe it better if you’d like.

Once this is signed and returned, you will need to provide us with the following:

  • a picture of yourself (headshot or full body)

  • a short bio

  • some fun facts about you! (preferably 3-5)

  • a description of your ideal client

  • your availability for new clients (days AND times)


Please send the bio, fun facts and client description via an editable document (Pages or Word) to  studio [at] formpilates [dot] com by January 5th 2018!



Contract below. Make sure to double check the dates for your shifts!