Meet The Teachers


Jamie Graham

DSC_0017Jamie Graham is a classical Pilates instructor and professional dancer based in New York City. She aims to help her clients connect with their bodies to discover greater postural support, efficiency of movement, and flexibility through the precision and flow of the classical method. Jamie completed her teaching certification through Romanaʼs Pilates at True Pilates New York in 2007. She has taught at True Pilates East and Equinox Fitness, where she also taught group fitness and managed a studio from 2007-2012. She now teaches independently in the city, but is based out of Form Pilates in Union Square. Jamie also teaches Variable Pop Fitness through Dances for A Variable Population, a dance fitness class geared for adults.

Rebecca Greenbaum

Rebecca was born in Brooklyn, NY. She received her Comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification from the Equinox Pilates Institute under Carrie Macy, Gretchen Lopez, and Benjamin Degenhardt. She has also completed the 360 Pilates program. In addition to working at FORM, she teaches at Uptown Pilates, Equinox, and at Henry Street Pilates.  She  is a professional dancer and received her early training at the Joffrey Ballet School. She graduated Skidmore College Magna cum Laude and holds an MFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She currently dances for XAOC Contemporary Ballet, Jamal Jackson Dance Company, Suzzanne Ponomarenko Dance, and The Little Streams. She is thrilled to be a member at FORM, and is inspired by the talented teachers with whom she gets to teach.

Trisha Margolis

pilates-122Trisha creates personalized programs for women who are pre/post natal. She focuses on allowing women to strengthen & feel powerful in their bodies whether they are preparing for the birth of their baby or recovering afterwards. She knows how to help her clients reconnect with their post-baby body first hand. When the arrival  of her daughter threw her for a loop she became inspired to help women transform their bodies and create a new approach to fitness. Just bring your body and a little bit of faith and together she’ll help you make it happen! Want to be as healthy and strong as you can be?  Tired of your baby belly or judging yourself for not exercising?  Or are you simply not getting the results for your efforts? Do you have pelvic floor problems, chronic pain, diastasis recti and don’t know where to begin?  Do you tell yourself next week I’ll start caring for me and next week passes you by? Stop chasing Mondays!  Join me & cultivate strength, flexibility, freedom & joy in your body. 

 Kelly Keesler

Kelly’s light-hearted and highly motivational approach to teaching encourages her clients to give their all, no matter their experience level, and leads to satisfying results and progress on a daily basis. Kelly is classically and comprehensively certified through Core Pilates NYC. She is also certified in Pre and Post-Natal Pilates and the Lagree FitnessTM method, an exercise method performed on the Megaformer, an innovative take on the original reformer that transforms and sculpts the entire body with cardio-infused pilates-esque exercises. Kelly enjoys explaining the Method as she teaches encouraging her clients to understand what each exercise’s purpose is and why we move the way we do, but also maintains a healthy amount of laughter in her sessions as well. After all, laughter is one of the best core exercises out there!

Kayla Prestel

Kayla Prestel has been teaching both private and group Mat and Apparatus Pilates in NYC for over two years and has been a practitioner of the method for over a decade. Kayla is passionate about discovering the intention and purpose behind every movement, as well as finding ways to release unnecessary tension in the body. She loves helping people strengthen their core, gain flexibility and explore the mind-body connection. When she is not teaching Pilates, she is a regular half-marathon runner and uses her physical skills on stage as a professional puppeteer with Puppet Kitchen Productions and other NYC theatre companies. Kayla received her Pilates Apparatus and Mat training from The Lab under Lawson Harris in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Laughter is one of her favorite abdominal exercises