Meet Kelly

Hi there! I’m Kelly Keesler….

Nothing lifts my spirits more than feeling good in my own body. I’m the kind of girl that feeds off of the warmth of sunshine on my skin, the feel of the ocean under my feet and the pounding of my heart after a good workout. I find happiness, clarity and excitement in these feelings and I just can’t get enough! 

It was no surprise to me, then, when one day after long hours behind a computer, a small but uncomfortable pain in my lower back caused me to pause and think “I can’t sit at a desk for another 30 years. How do people do this?” I wasn’t happy and in desperate need of more physical activity. I needed to move more! I needed happiness! This tiny little moment was the spark that ultimately lead to my career in Pilates.

I had dabbled in pilates a little bit: learning from a good friend of mine her version of the ab series while hanging out in the park, and also taking a few private sessions and mat classes at a local studio. I quickly realized “this pilates stuff makes me feel GOOD.” I fell in love with the focus on precision of movement and the way those leg springs made me feel after a good session. Not to mention, I loved those toned arms and abs I started to see in the mirror! So I quit my desk job and got certified. And my new career was born. No more long hours behind a computer for me.  

As a food writer/influencer, I need to work hard to stay in shape, and I depend on my sessions with Kelly to keep me feeling long, strong and slim. Kelly also helped me immensely throughout my pregnancy, keeping my body and core strong until the day I gave birth (literally). She’s truly the best!
~Daryl Zweben Hom, Food Writer & Influencer

After my certification was complete, I took my newly learned skills, donned my Pilates cape, and spent my first 4 teaching years doing what us NYC pilates instructors call “the studio grind.” I traveled up and down, east and west to multiple studios a day, working 12-14 hours days, fulfilling my dream but busting my butt just to pay the bills. “What?!” You say….yes, not quite the experience I was hoping for or the right fit for me. Then, a quick google search led me to FORM Pilates, Lindsay’s oasis for over-worked and under paid Pilates instructors–hallelujah!  A space where I could see my own clients and grow my own business without the hustle and grind of working at multiple studios, not to mention, the take home was worth it. I’ve never looked back. 

“Kelly is so attentive to form but keeps your experience positive by giving you just the right amount of difficulty and encouragement.  She has a great sense of humor but helps you remain focused during your session with her, so you feel like you maximized your time. “

~Wiktoria Bielska, MD, Psychiatrist

Now, after teaching side-by-side with Lindsay for the past 3 years, I’ve joined the FORM team as her partna-in-bizass. Together, we welcome clients old and new and still offer the benefits of that renter’s oasis I stumbled upon years ago, all while laughing our asses off and cuddling any nearby puppies. 

For more info about yours truly visit me at Or contact us to book a session!