Guest Post: Social Media with Heart

What if one tweet could change the world, inspire a nation, or make an impact on one person’s life?

I’m happy to say that this has already been the case. Think of how Kid President’s YouTube video, “Pep Talk” went viral and received millions of views within days.

At its core, it was just a loveable and excited kid encouraging people to follow their dreams. That video not only earned him a trip to meet the President and numerous morning shows, it made a difference in over 35 million people’s lives. One video.

You’re most likely a Pilates instructor or business owner because you want to help people in some capacity, and social media may seem trite, overwhelming, or at times, meaningless, but it has the power to positively affect lives if you let it.

Social Media is ultimately just a medium for your message, and you have the freedom to discuss whatever is most important to you and your clients.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What lights you up about teaching Pilates?
  • How is your message unique? (Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be a cure for cancer situation. What makes you unique could be as simple as you play 80’s music during class because you love Paula Abdul circa 1988. I mean, who doesn’t?)
  • How can you be in service to your clients and your community?


These answers are the backbone of the content and community that is ready for you via social media.

One of my clients recently wrote me an email saying that she used to distain social media because she found it shallow and a necessary evil she had to learn. Now she authentically connects with her community via social media, and as result, she’s brought in an additional $15,000 in her business, more visibility, and most importantly, great clients she loves working with and is able to make difference in their lives.

Remember that there’s a person behind every computer, so I encourage you to think about how you connect to people in person. What articles do you like to share with your best friend? What inspirational quote would cheer up a client? What Pilates video would help a student with his/her form?

Ultimately, the most important part of using social media with heart is to tune into yours. When you create content around what it is true for you and your community, it will never feel like a chore. Instead, it will feel like you’re sharing something valuable with the world from your heart to theirs. Who knows? Maybe your next Facebook post will change the world, or even more importantly, make one person’s day a little bit better.



Jackie BooneJacqueline Boone is a Business & Digital Marketing Consultant and the creator of 6 Months to Live, a global blog, web series, and soon-to-be online publication, that is passionately committed to empowering people and organizations to dream BIG and create their personal and professional visions. Her first book, Heart Language, will be making its debut in 2016.

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