Girl Power: The 4 Ways Women Are Born To Be In Business


Let’s just face it. Men and women are well- different. Besides the obvious, ahem, anatomy dissimilarity, each sex sees life distinctly their own way. As a female, I have been told that men are just “better” at certain things than women. One of was starting and succeeding in business. This left me pining, “ but, I have a vision! I have a plan! I can be a business (wo)man too!” Not to be discouraged, I ignored their red lights and forged ahead. Good thing I did because the truth is men are not better at business- just different. In fact, it turns out we women are made with some innate qualities that may make all the boys jealous of our entrepreneurial prowess. Below are a list of my favorite ways we’re born to be in business:

  1. We ask for help. You know the old saying, “Woman ask for directions, men don’t”? Well it’s kinda true. Women don’t have the same hang-ups about raising the white flag- finding a friend, a professional, or a therapist to help them in whatever they need. This is particularly helpful in a start-up, where mistakes are many and funding is not. Women are also usually more humble and apt to share credit where credit is due. Plus- the old perfectionist in us, that constantly second guesses, may end up being more a strength than a liability. It helps us think things over and avoid making rash judgments.
  2. We listen to our gut. Our sixth sense, or intuition is one of the more powerful of our feminine wiles. When we get that imagesfeeling that something is just right, or rather really wrong, we have an otherworldly advantage. As women, we can use our intuition to our benefit from anything to hiring staff, to picking out your brand’s logo. We also have the upper hand when it comes to deciding to partner (or not partner) in projects, business deals, or even picking allies.
  3. We are better connectors. All those years gossiping in Algebra class were good training for something. In general women like to talk, connect, and leverage our relationships. We’ll make allies at every conference, networking group, and meet up and actually follow up. It’s this vulnerability with courting strangers that can foster stronger working relationships and make for some awesome cross promotion, strategic partnerships, and let’s face it- some great happy hours.
  4. We value work/life balance. Back in the day it was all, “You can’t have it all. You have to pick- a career OR a family”, and while we realize that there are sacrifices to trying to have a life outside of the office we appreciate the need to have it. Our desire to have more actually makes us better. We take days off when needed, see friends, nurture our love life, and take trips around the world. This rejuvenates our us mind, body, soul, and by proxy our business.


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