resources-imgWhy Pilates?

Because it won’t put stress on your joints
Because it will make you strong and flexible all at the same time
Because it just feels good.
So, yes you’ll look good from doing Pilates, you’ll also be forever young.
Find out how.


But Pilates is everywhere these days. Does it really matter where I go?

Yes my dear, it surely does. Not all Pilates is created equal.
Over time there’s watered down versions, suped-up equipment (aka Pilates on steriods), or trendy half-breeds.
And while they may be fun and maybe even mildly effective…they just aren’t Pilates.
How do you know if you’re doing the method? Read here to find out if your class is the real deal.

While most people are hip to Pilates and its benefits, some people are still struggling just to pronounce it.
Knowing how to say it is just half the skinny.
We know Pilates was more than a method, he was an actual man… Did you?
To get the most of this magical method you have to know your roots.
Click here to get the scoop on Uncle Joe.


But I’m a Pilates Virgin!

resources-img2Whether you’ve had none or nine hundred sessions Pilates will make it’s mark on your life.
Pilates is for everyone and every body. From the fittest athletes to the injured.
We love beginners and seasoned practitioners alike!
Don’t let the prospect of getting healthy and feeling fine intimidate you.

Click here to find out all you need to know before your session.