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Busy life? Don’t let your body pay the price. Get the body you need to carry you through…

busy-imgLet’s face it. We’re all living busier and busier lives, but you’re not the only one.
We all are guilty of being more sedentary than we should.
Eating junk filled with names we can’t pronounce.
Abusing our bodies until they break.
Beating ourselves up for love lost.

Guilting yourself into health never works.

We have to speak to the most primal part of our brains and make nice.
Loving is the only way. Read this to find out how.


busy-img2So you finally made a commitment
Strong is the new skinny.
I hear it everywhere. I’m fat. I have cellulite. I need to lose weight.
Can Pilates help me?
Perfectly beautiful human beings with perfectly beautiful bodies identifying themselves as…FAT.
You can’t help it. Our society has engrained into us that to be successful, wealthy, even loved we have to have the perfect body.
I felt that way most of my life… read my story here.
Although we enjoy the benefits of flatter abs, sculpted guns, and a perky toosh- Pilates is about being healthy and strong and strong isn’t necessarily skinny.


busy-img3Part of the problem with our health is that our careers take precedence.
We spend more time today sitting on our bums than we ever have before.
Are you killing yourself slowly?
Click here to find out why.
The good news is Pilates can counter act the damage done.
Here’s a video with some Pilates you can do right at your desk.