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What your Pilates certification doesn’t teach you can hurt your career.

biz-imgSure, you know all the exercises, can teach anybody any thing, know the difference between flexion and extension, but do you know anything about the business of Pilates? You might think that being a teacher doesn’t mean you need to know anything about business, right? Wrong. Here’s my first hand account of working with a teacher to recover from business phobia.

I know I may seem like I’m full of bad news, but bear with me. Being a killer teacher and cherishing your clients like they’re your children IS NOT enough to have a successful practice. So, if being good at teaching isn’t good-enough, how do you get clients? How do you keep clients? How can you market yourself as the product, when you haven’t even bought it yourself? Check out my 4 step plan on how to find, keep, and dazzle clients here.


You have a website that’s gorgeous. You spent lots of your hard-earned teaching cash on that hot-shit photographer, threw down $120 on new Lulu, and had your hair and make-up done just for THE shots that will make your website. Then you shelled out another grand or so to have someone develop it so you never have to think about it. The site has been live for 6 months and you haven’t made one sale from it. Why? This maybe why your website is not making you money.

Don’t even have a site yet? This article can save you thousands in mistakes and convert clients like a mo’ fo!


It’s time to believe that anything is possible.

bix-img2This is the time to think outside the box (not your Pilates box that is). You deserve clients that adore you and pay on time. Clients that sing your praises instead of spewing out complaints. You deserve AND can have the Pilates business you dream of. Check out this video that let’s you in on what your clients hope you don’t find out.

Being in an abundant mindset is merely the first step. You have to have a plan to get everything done when you’re a solo-preneur or running a studio. You’re just four steps away from having the business and life you want.  Here’s the secret formula I used to build a successful business and career.