Sip & Study- Make Shit Happen!

Wednesday November 15th 7-9pm

Ever feel like you’re working hard yet hardly working?

Most likely you are! Without a direction you are most likely spinning your wheels and never really getting anywhere. Broadway, Film, and TV actress turned entrepreneur Lindsay Lopez knows a thing or two about getting what she wants. Lindsay shares her secret to developing a clear vision and then setting out to make shit happen!

When: Wednesday November 15th 7-9pm

Where: FORM Pilates USQ, 108 E. 16th St. #504 NYC

Cost: FREE for all who register!

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about the presenter:

Lindsay Lopez is a dynamic force of nature. Years in tutus and tights paid off with wild success as a dancer and actress. Years in the biz helped her achieve success with FORM Pilates Union Square: a boutique Pilates studio with a unique cooperative structure that focuses more on trainers rather than the clientele. As a positive coach and gutsy mentor, Lindsay Lopez is changing the Pilates business for the better.