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FORM Pilates is a unique Pilates experience.

Hi there! We are Lindsay Lopez and Kelly Keesler, lead instructors and co-owners of FORM Pilates. We are a fun-loving, loud-laughing dynamic duo with a combined 30+ years of teaching experience between us. 

After years of teaching side-by-side (and bonding over snuggling puppies), we’ve decided to join forces to share a unique Pilates experience with you.

At FORM, we focus on learning Pilates as it was intended… One-on-One.

While we know that Pilates is an investment in both time and money, our goal is to help you get the most out of your sessions. 

While FORM is our designated Pilates space we also are a shared workspace for independent Pilates instructors. At FORM our fellow teachers find a beautiful designated space to work with clients, build their own business, and join a community of like-minded peers. 


The FORM Pilates Experience: Helping You Reach Your Goals 

We are committed to helping you reach your goals. As seasoned instructors, we are no strangers to training those with sensitive injuries, pre and post natal mommies, active agers and even elite athletes. We will tailor your Pilates program to your unique needs and objective.

We see the practice of Pilates as not just a workout, but an individualized prescription for YOU to reach your specific fitness goals.

Lindsay and Kelly are currently accepting clients. Contact us for more information about booking your session.


How FORM Pilates are Different: Why It Matters to You 

Sessions at FORM are a bespoke experience – by appointment, when you want them – in a flawless setting, led by one of the city’s finest instructors. 

Private sessions are special. One-on-one work with our talented instructors  guarantees you individualized attention which allows for maximum results.

All of our instructors are serious about Pilates. Every teacher who works out of FORM is fully certified, with over 500 hours of apprenticeship and observation.

Because instructors each run their own show out of FORM, they set their own schedules and pricing, which means they aren’t over worked and take home a minimum 70% of their hourly rate.

FORM Pilates is a beautiful, clean, high-end speak-easy of a space, fully furnished with brand new Gratz and Basil Pilates equipment for your use. 



New Yorkers are Talking About FORM Pilates 

"I used to be a member of a gym and take group Pilates classes. I found out the hard way that they didn’t care about levels. They didn’t pay attention to me at all. In the one-on-one sessions, I feel like the instructor really gets to know me."
Tiffany Berrier
"Because FORM isn’t like a traditional studio, where I was passed around between employees, they empower their teachers to work for themselves. It makes for a great experience for me. I get to work exclusively with the instructor of my choice and not have to deal with a middle man."
Nina Loftspring

"The first thing I noticed about Form was how warm, friendly and welcoming everyone is. You don’t get that at a large Pilates studio. It’s nice to walk in and see familiar faces to chat with while I wait for my session to start. I also love the amenities! The bathroom is stocked with hair ties, lotion, dry shampoo, etc. they even have extra power cords for phone charging while you’re working out. Plus, the space is beautiful."
Tara Marsh


Find Your FORM: Why You Should ACT NOW, and Get Started Today 

Clients of FORM experience the benefits of authentic Pilates:

• Improved posture

• A flexible spine and body

• A pain free life

•  A continued commitment to their workouts

• Move better, think better, so you can BE your best!

Our clients are the most loyal converts ever. Once they take a session with us, they are hooked for life. They enjoy the pleasure of always learning more and understanding the method deeper and deeper. At FORM, we help make wellness a priority in their busy lives, by creating a relaxing, pressure-free environment for them to practice in. Plus, we laugh.

Everything is better when you can smile…

Contact us and get started on your FORM today!