Good Reads: Three Business Books I Love

In business, like in life- we are constantly learning. I work with a business coach, attend networking and speaking events, and devour as many books on the biz as I can. If you’re hungry for knowledge like I am, you delight in always learning new things. Below you’ll find my recs for three business books that I just loved, and really learned from:


Blue Ocean Strategy. I loved this book for finally declaring what I always hoped was possible. Before reading this book, I believed business was only a dog-eat-dog world. I’ve always felt inspired and drawn to running a business and becoming an entreprenuer, but was turned off by the possibility of literally getting my throat cut! Traditionally being in business meant competing for advantage, battling over who will gain the market share, and struggling to be “better” than your rival. All this scrapping to get the top creates a bloody, or “red ocean” of conflict.  Blue Ocean Strategy envisions an uncontested market space where a business rises above the competition and develops new ideas keeping and thus creating a “blue ocean” of innovation. A little bit of a technical read, you’ll be glad you plowed through it. Finally get the inspiration to make your Pilates business rise above your competition instead of getting slaughtered.

Refuse to Choose. Ever feel overwhelmed by your many interests or ideas? Frustrated by the nay sayers who say, “You have to choose something and stick with it”? Don’t think you’ll ever be able to make money doing what you love? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this book is for you. Barbara Sher believes that you don’t have to choose just one thing, but instead to do EVERYTHING! This career counselor and motivational speaker, calls these extraordinary types “Scanners”. Even if you don’t think you’re a scanner, you might have one working in your business so it will give you much needed insight. If it’s YOU that needs direction and you’re feeling lost…Refuse to Choose will give you hope and set you on track.


Steve Jobs. Ok, this book is a long one, but SO worth the time it takes to read. Whatever you think you’ve heard about Steve Jobs, you haven’t heard it all. He is hands down one of the most inspirational and creative genius’ of our time. Yes, he has a temper. Yes, he was a jerk from time to time. Yes, some of his business practices were questionable, BUT he made Apple what it is today. While many a programmer could of come up with the goods (and some did…ahem Microsoft), only Jobs had the talent to see the art in creating a brand. It was his genius alone that took his companies to their height. The book is juicy and interesting and will inspire you to stick to your gut and not stop until you get it right- no matter what anyone says.

Now it’s your turn! I want to hear what books you’re reading. Which ones have inspired you? What have you learned that has changed the way you do business? I challenge you to list (at least) one book you read and one lesson you learned. Oh, and make sure to share this with other entrepreneurs that might need some good reads too!

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Rockettes 3

This holiday I stayed home in NYC (originally from LA, it took 3 years, but NYC now finally feels like home to me!) I did nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. I ate, drank and did nary a Pilates hundred. Which surprisingly, made some of my clients happy that I’m human, “if you cut me do I not bleed?” Despite my lack of actual workouts, Pilates seemed to be present everywhere around me. It’s the Pilates principle of precision that made me a student at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

My family was in town and we were doing “touristy” things. Normally being anywhere in the city with hundreds of clueless travelers makes me nauseous, but this was something I could get in-to. I had seen the show once before in LA but this was my first time seeing the actual Radio City Rockettes at the actual Radio City Music Hall. Let me tell you, they were AMAZING! Precision dance has never been my cup of tea. Sure, I was on high school dance team and we did our share, wearing sequins and kick ball changing on the football field to House of the Rising Sun, but I’d never entertained the thought of auditioning to be a Rockette. Too much rehearsal, too much pressure, too much precision! Sitting there in the mezzanine I finally got it. There is an art to precision.


In Pilates, there are 6 principles of movement: Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow. While each is equally important, I find it helpful to concentrate on one for a few workouts to really embody it. Precision is controlling the movement by initiating it from your powerhouse and lengthening one movement into the next. For me, precision is the delicate balance between hitting each position with strength and intention while releasing any tension in the movement. Mr. Pilates was insistent, “The benefits of Contrology (Pilates) depend solely upon your performing the exercises exactly according to instructions- and not otherwise.” There is a right way to do an exercise for a reason and if you focus on performing them that way you get results, plain and simple. What would happen if Rockette # 6 decided she would go her own way and stand out from the group? Chaos would ensue followed by mutiny in the Rockette ranks! Precision is what it means to be a Rockette, and they display a sort of freedom and comfort in it. Precision is what it means to do Pilates. I invite you to find both the challenge and freedom in it.

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