Is Your Apartment A Postage Stamp? My Plan To Make The Most Of Your Space

Felice Cohen, 39, in her micro apartment

Oh how we love NYC let us count the ways….that is except the tiny apartment space! Does your closet consist of an armoire and shoe tree? Can you sit on the couch to watch TV, make dinner, and brush your teeth all without getting up? We’re not going to give up living in one of the most amazing cities in the world just because of this tiny (pun intended) inconvenience. Want to know how to make the most of your space? Read on…


  • Make like an editor. Editors have to make tough decisions and cut words, articles, and even whole campaigns. Constantly purge paperwork, clothing, electronics, and stuff often. Do you really need a printer when you have one at the office? One rule of thumb on bringing new stuff in is one in and (gasp!) TWO out! What was once clutter can quickly become an episode of hoarders in a peanut sized apartment. The less you have, the more sane you will feel.
  • Pick furniture that does double duty. An ottoman that doubles has storage inside. Create storage space under your bed, then cover it with a bed skirt. Place extra shelving high up above door jams and in the “attic” of your closets. Storage space is king when you have none.
  • Ditch your doors. Doors that open into your tiny space can be problematic. Replace closet doors with curtains, the bathroom door with a pocket sliding door. The less room for the door the more room for you

Copy, Cat, Chic and >Apartment Therapy are a couple of my fav design resources. Check them out to get the most out of your shoe box sized domicile. You can thank me later…


Do you live in a small space? We’d love to hear about it! Leave your comments, pics, and even videos of your space and how you make it work…

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