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coaching servicesPilates is not just about abs, alignment, and flow. You have to know so much more than bodies to be successful in your business.

Do you struggle dealing with problem clients, managing your cash flow, or marketing your practice successfully?

Do you have a hard time finding unique ways to market your studio?

Are you frustrated trying to compete with your neighbor studio or teacher down the street? Are you burnt out teaching 40+ hours a week, doing countless hours of admin work, and still struggle to pay the bills?

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If this sounds familiar…I have answers for you!!!
Your certification had you covered with exercises and cueing. I aim to pick up where they’ve left off… In my practice as a business and life coach, I hear all these complaints and more and I use my techniques and practices I’ve developed during my 10 years in the Pilates world to help you build the business and life of your dreams.

  • Figure out what type of business structure and style meets your personality and needs
  • Create a unique niche and uncontested market space for your studio or practice
  • Learn how to attract your ideal clients that pay on time, refer others to you constantly, and make you smile when you see them on your schedule
  • Finally make what you deserve!

Sandi Test.Since working with Lindsay I have opened my own small Pilates studio, gained an immense amount of clarity on ideal clients, organized my goals and put them into an achievable timeline, revamped my website, and so much more.
~Sandi Vilacoba, The Pilates Project

You have done everything you’ve thought a Pilates instructor is supposed to do. You finally opened your own little brick and mortar. You’ve made it, or so you thought. It turns out you’re still are struggling and pay the rent (let alone yourself) and don’t seem to have two coins to rub together no matter how hard you work. You hating going to work everyday because what you thought was your biggest dream may have turned out to be a nightmare.

Listen- I’m going to be honest with you. Not every Pilates instructor should own their own business. You thought this would answer all your prayers, give you the ideal space to work in, and allow you to set your own schedule. Instead you find yourself doing everything from cleaning toilets to becoming a debt collector to your clients and all you wanted to do was teach Pilates!

311177_10151183385807752_280331230_nI recommend Lindsay to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level. Lindsay is positive, inspiring, and outgoing she is the perfect well informed cheerleader to help you on your way to accomplishing your mission and dreams. ~Bianca Velez, Find Your Midline

Don’t fret my pet. When I opened my studio 4 years ago I had no road map to get me where I wanted to be. All I knew was I wanted to build a place that instructors could make what they deserve and without all the responsibility of a giant rent and monthly overhead woes. Being in the business of Pilates doesn’t always mean you have to follow what your mentor did and her mentor before that. I can show you how to think outside the Pilates box and implement simple solutions to make life easier all the while filling your pockets and schedule.

Sound too good to be true? I assure you it’s not! While I still  have challenges and obstacles I know how to find solutions to them. I have an accountability group and a team of advisors that give up their business words of wisdom and help me save time and money when dealing with my business. Now it’s time for me to teach you all that I’ve learned.

336598_192392344171565_325838559_oLindsay has helped me reach the goals that I have set for my Pilates and Gyrotonic business, and her coaching has helped attract more clients. Lindsay somehow hones in to what I REALLY NEED, and by the end of the call I have a whole new perspective and clarity.  That is the reason why I tell her often that she’s the bomb diggity :)  ~Nicole Baltes, Connected in Motion

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