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Be a Pilates Biznass Badass

How being YOU will bring all the clients to the yard

While Joe Pilates’ dream of seeing a Pilates studio on every corner was endearing, he didn’t project how crowded the marketplace it would become for its instructors. Pilates today is everywhere, and instructors can be a dime a dozen to an uneducated client.

How do you, the solo instructor working out of a gym or studio, differentiate yourself? Find out what makes you special and how to leverage your uniqueness in your marketing, branding, and client interaction. Become uniquely yourself, and live beyond the competition.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to zone in on what makes you unique as a teacher
  • Figure out who which clients will find you special too
  • Discover where to locate your tribe
  • How to share yourself authentically and market yourself for FREE!

When: Saturday July 16th 1-3pm

Where: Prana Pilates, 188 E 17th St. #216, Costa Mesa, CA

Cost: $49 for the live event

Click here to register online, email studio [at] formpilates [dot] com, or call team FORM (212.353.2058)

About the presenter:

                                                                  Lindsay Lopez

Lindsay Small  ShotLindsay Lopez is a dynamic force of nature. Years in tutus and tights paid off with wild success as a dancer and actress. Years in the “biz” taught her that dreams can come true, with plenty of planning and TONS of action to back them up. With a vision of helping her fellow instructors make what they deserve and live a life they love, Lindsay created FORM Pilates Union Square to focus on trainers rather than the clientele. The result was a workspace for teachers who love to teach and clients who love to learn. Although Lindsay teaches less and less, she is breathing new life into a stale industry. Her wish is to provide her peers with the business training they so desperately need. As a positive coach and gutsy mentor, Lindsay Lopez is changing the Pilates business for the better.