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Lindsay Small  ShotThis here’s Pilates instructor, studio owner, and biz-nass coach Lindsay Lopez!

Thanks for your interest in our Biz-nass Social affiliate program!

After having been in the Pilates business for over 10 years, I am extremely passionate about my Pilates and fitness community! My goal is to help other instructors (much like myself when I started out), build the business of their dreams and finally make what they deserve. The first step is creating a community of business minded instructors and a community of open-minded peers.

This is where you come in….

This is affiliate program is your opportunity to partner with us in an online revenue-sharing program that provides you all the tools you need to sell tickets to the FORM Pilates Biz-nass Social, track your results and earn commissions!

Benefits of Joining the Biz-nas Social Affiliate program

  • It’s FREE to sign up!
  • We provide all the promotional materials like banners, links, social media posts, plus email and blog posts
  • Receive 40% commission on each sale you refer to the Biz-nass Social or our live stream program
  • Get paid within 30 day of each event

What exactly is the Biz-nass Social?

The FORM Pilates Biz-nass Social is a killer live event held in the heart of NYC.  Hosted in my boutique Pilates studio, complete with healthy snacks and treats. Each Social features an inspirational speaker who shares their special message, tips, and tricks to having a business in the fitness and wellness industry that you LOVE! Lindsay then expertly interviews and adds in her two cents to the mix, and finally we finish with some awesome group masterminding with your peers.

Lindsay fills the gap in a disconnected industry teaching creative, giving, healers the tools to make what they deserve and think outside of the Pilates box :)

How it works

All you need to do is join the program and use the unique link that will allow us to track all sales back to you!

  • As you promote the program, people will click on your affiliate webpage link.
  • The visitor’s IP address is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.
  • The visitor will look through this site and may decide to place an order.
  • If the visitor orders, the order will be tracked as a sale from you.
  • Note: the cookie is stored in the visitor’s computer for 21 days so even if they don’t order on their first visit and decide to come back later to buy, you will still receive credit if the order is placed within 21 days of their first visit to this website.
  • Your commission payouts will be processed on the 15th of the month, 30 days after the date of the event. Purchasers have up to 7 days from the date of the event to request a refund from this program and if a refund occurs you will not receive a commission for referring that sale. All payments are made in US dollars via PayPal.
  • All US residents will be required to submit a completed W9 tax form and include their social security or taxpayer ID number before payouts are made. This form will be provided to you upon registration.

So are you ready?

Click the link above to join our affiliate program today! Have more questions?  Email the FORM team