Time to put what you take for granted first – you.

We all do it- forget that it’s our bodies that allow us to climb the subway steps, walk 30 blocks, carry heavy grocery bags up to our 5th floor walk up.

We forget about that it’s our body that allows us to do all of that. Until it doesn’t.

Aging is a fact, but Pilates let’s you optimize your body’s potential.

At FORM we help you…be your best self. Have the best body to live a magnificent life.

Clients of FORM experience the benefits of authentic Pilates: improved posture, a flexible spine and body, a pain free life, and a continued commitment to their workouts.

Collectively we have over 30 years of teaching experience and hold 8 certifications.

Our clients are the most loyal converts ever. Once they take a session with us they are hooked for life. They enjoy the pleasure of always learning more and understanding the method deeper and deeper. At FORM we help make wellness a priority in their busy lives, by creating a relaxing, pressure free environment for them to practice in. Plus we laugh. Everything is better when you can smile.

I love how the teachers at FORM are able to tailor their teaching methods client by client… it’s a fun mix – we work hard, but have fun, I always leave with a sense of satisfaction and new goals!
~Lisa Rawlins

Company Story

I have been with Form Pilates through two pregnancies. I have a busy life and ever-changing schedule with two kids. FORM has been extremely flexible and has helped me to keep up with my Pilates. As hectic as my life has become, Form and it’s variety of incredible instructors- has been able to keep up and be consistent throughout.
~Vanessa Rahman

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