5 Minute Pilates

If you have 5 minutes a day, you can do some life changing Pilates! Sure, a full hour workout 3 times a week is ideal, but Joe’s work is so powerful even 5, 10, or 15 minutes a day can make a difference! Mr. Pilates himself said “ Make up your mind that you will perform your Contrology exercises without fail. Amazingly enough you will subconsciously lengthen your trips from ten to twenty or more minutes before you even realize it!”

Here are some basic exercises that you can do if you’re like me and only ever seem to have minutes in your day:


The Hundred: This is the quintessential Pilates exercise. It’s a great warm-up. Gets the blood pumping, the breath moving, and puts you right in your powerhouse.

Start lying on your back. Bend your knees into your chest. Curl your upper body off the mat. Stretch your legs out 45 degrees and begin pumping your straight arms up and down. Inhale for 5 counts, exhale for 5 counts. 10 sets of this make 100. Keep your eyes focused on your abdominals pulling your powerhouse in and up the whole time.

The Roll-up: Pilates is all about stretch and strength. This exercise is the perfect marriage of the two. Always remember to keep pulling your abdominals in strongly even when you go for the stretch. Balance is key here.

After your hundred, extend your legs along the mat. Squeeze your legs together and dig your heels into the mat. Stretch your arms above your shoulders. Curl your chin to your chest and roll all the way up, reaching to your toes. Pull your powerhouse in and roll all the way back into the mat, articulating one vertebrae at a time. Do at least 5 reps.

While 5 minutes is definitely better than nothing it’s not a replacement for a full workout! Make sure to get in a full 55 minutes at least once a week. And, while mat work is a perfect practice for what you do in the studio- it’s not mat Pilates or machine Pilates. You need to get your butt on the equipment to get the full results. We can help. Get the full experience of the method at our boutique studio in NYC. Click here for details!

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