Born Round
I'm always on the lookout for a good book, so when one of my clients offered to let me borrow restaurant critic Frank Bruni's book, Born Round, I jumped at the chance. Turns out I got everything I expected- witty writing, anecdotes of his escapades as a disguised diner, and even some good foodie porn. I also got some of what I wasn't expecting- a heartfelt testimony of a man's battle with his weight. While Frank has always been "bigger", I have always been "skinny", but can still relate to the pain of trying to fit in someone else's pants, literally. This isn't a story of a man's rise to becoming an all powerful New York Times restaurant critic, but rather about what we will do to be thin, and stay that way. Being first an actress and now a Pilates instructor, I have been surrounded by weight obsession almost all my life, and even to this day I have to remind myself that balance is the key to living. Not starving, not stuffing, not fretting, not devaluing- just living. Frank has ripened to include the enjoyment fine food with hard physical workouts, and this is what I strive to achieve for myself and impart to others in my studio. This book is for anyone who loves food, has ever struggled with their self-image, and needs a bit of inspiration. Thank you Frank for sharing, your story is heard.



Starbucks Reusables
Hear my confession- I am addicted to Starbucks. While I love and support all my local coffee houses, Starbucks keeps me coming back. They make my drink just right every time, no matter where I am- in an airport, a foreign country, or even right around the corner from my house. I can expect my iced coffee to be precisely the way I have a taste for. While I love the convenience of hitting my local outpost on the way into the city or during a (no pun intended) coffee break, I'm conscious of the amount of waste I'm creating with the numerous coffee cups, lids, straws, and cup sleeves. While I already own a hot beverage travel cup, what does a tree hugger do when you want something cold to drink but doesn't want to leave such a large carbon foot print? Starbucks has the answer, their Clear Acrylic Insulated Tumbler. Coming in both 16oz Grande and 20oz Venti sizes, this cup has double wall protection to keep your drink cold and your hands dry. Just hand yours to the barista and they’ll know what to do- fill it up to the permanent line inside and take 10 cents off your total as a thanks for saving a cup. Even the straw is reusable so you can go to bed with a clear conscience, just remember to order decaf after 2pm if you want sweet dreams as well.



Spongeable's Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer
There's so many things to love about summer in the city, but dirty scaly feet are NOT one of them. When you walk around on the grimy sidewalks in your cute little sandals, you come home with less-than-cute little feet. I found a solution to my alligator tootsies, Spongeable's Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer. Double sided goodness, this cute flower shaped scrubby is infused with olive oil and Shea Butter so you can moisturize your tired doggies and then flip it over and use the textured side to exfoliate and slough off your scales. I've been using mine every night before bed so that my feet are clean and soft and free of filth. While the buffer isn't as powerful as pumice, you'll still need to do a good weekly scrub, it's a perfect quick fix. Make sad feet happy!



Simple Human
I never thought I'd be in love with a trash can, but here it goes: I'm in love with a trash can. In my efforts to create a sleek tidy studio I realized I needed attractive looking trash receptacles, even if trash isn't very attractive. I journeyed over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and bumped into Simple Human heaven. Their name says it all, they've found a way to make your daily tasks faster, more organized, and appealing. The cans come in every size and shape, mostly in brushed steel, but also in white, cream, dark grey, mocha, and red. I got two, a brushed steel for regular trash and a bright red one for recyclables. They even make special trash bags to fit your can perfectly so they keep their sleek look, with no bag hanging over the edges, and they've infused the bag with charcoal (a natural odor absorber) to keep your trash from stinking up the place. Thanks to Simple Human for thinking about the things we need but would rather not think about ourselves.

In one of my many past lives, I worked for Lululemon. It was, and still is, one of my favorite jobs I've had to date. Not only did I score lots of super-cute workout gear, but met an abundance of fantastic people I still stay connected with this day. One of those wonderful souls, is Liz Eustace. Liz was a big-wig at Lulu when we first met, she took me under her wing and saw something special in what I had to offer, and we became fast friends. Now Liz has branched out on her own with the creation of her yogi website and newsletter, alignyo. Wondering what yoga class will fill your need to sweat like crazy? Wishing you knew more bout the yoga studio down the street from your office? Obsessed with all things yoga and want to know more about the teachers in your community? Alignyo fetches all your answers and packages them into a handy, easy to read weekly newsletter. Get recommendations from people in the know, insider scoop on special events, and even find sweet deals on all your yoga gear. Visit their site to subscribe to the New York, Boston, Chicago, or LA editions and get a weekly dose of zen in your email in-box. Right now alignyo is giving away a sweet 90 days of unlimited yoga for you and a friend. Enter here to win!


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