I spend most of my time sweating and putting my muscles through their paces, and although demanding the most of yourself and your body is how we gain strength inside and out, we all need balance. I am attempting to put the equilibrium back in my form with some body work. A long time devotee of massage, I got into acupuncture quite by accident. Although I had sub-par pokings when I lived in LA, I really consider my first true acupuncture experience to be when I met Tripp. I had severely injured my hamstring from dancing and even though I was being treated by a physical therapist 2-3 times a week it was not healing quickly enough. I had heard about an ex-performer who was practicing a more intense style of acupuncture perfect for athletes and dancers with acute injuries. I called this needle guru up right away and told him to sign me up!!! My first treatment was so much more potent than my previous experience. Tripp inserted the tiny and virtually painless needles into my hamstring and then moved them around until said muscle jumped and twitched then promptly pooped out and relaxed. While the approach initially seemed bumpy the result was a high better than any drug could provide and RELEIF from the injury. Besides being a magical acupuncturist, turns out Tripp is also a glorious person, who runs in the same circles as I do. We have one friend in particular in common that lead to my second favorite needle experience, Erika. Erika Webber and I did (don't laugh) FAME the musical together when I was in my early 20's. We've lost touch but have been reunited by our second careers and Tripp. Happens that Tripp and Erika went to acupuncture school together and she has her practice of trigger point style acupuncture right down the street from my studio! I'm happy to say that my hammy has healed but I still see Tripp for matinence and when he's booked(which is often these days!) I visit my girl Erika. The two are taking Pilates together now with me on Monday nights and we all chuckle at anatomy jokes and puns, good body-people humor!!! If you're in NYC definitely visit either of these special people or if you're elsewhere looking for some acupuncture with a punch I'm sure they could help you locate someone in your hood. Who knew needles would excite me this much!



Green juice
When my boyfriend Greg came home one day with a juicer in hand I thought he was bananas. Where in our counter-spaced-challenged kitchen was that monstrosity going to live? He even sweetly tried to teach me how to use it- but I must admit I was distracted by amount of real estate it was occupying in front of me. Cut to a year and a half later- after spending half my paycheck at the juice places around the city, that juicer was suddenly looking mighty attractive. Turns out our Breville Juice Fountain Plus is pretty easy to use and not as complicated as some other models to clean. Now that I have the hang of it I've been juicing up a storm. Here's my recipe for the tastiest green juice around:

1 bunch of baby spinach washed well
2 cucumbers (peel them if they're not organic)
2 green apples
about a thumb's size of fresh ginger



Adele 21
The second album from British singer-songwriter, Adele is blowing my mind. If you haven't already been acquainted with her, Adele is the 22 year old musical powerhouse with the full mellifluous voice many years ahead of her time. She crafts her melodies with the intricacies of her tones and uses her heart as her voice to make you cry, emote, and tap your feet. Her first album wittily named 19 (as she was 19 when she recorded it) is a great intro to her brilliance and gifted her a Grammy for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 2009. Two years later she is 21 and her sound is slightly older too. She's gone bottomless with her talent, bringing toothsome sultry tones to bluesy shapely beats good for any occasion. This CD is teeming with unselfish integrity- she laid it on the line here for you and me. This girl's talent is immense and not to be missed. Follow her evolution and get both albums- you won't be sorry.



if you're like me life is always passing you by, and so is the opportunity to grab something to eat that's healthy and delicious. Lucky for me there's a solution right around the corner from the Pilates studio- Maoz. If you're looking for a quick vegetarian meal and one of the finest falafel around, you can find it here. Maoz opened their first restaurant in Amsterdam in 1991 and now have numerous franchises in over 15 cities throughout the US and Europe. If you've been to Maoz then you know that they have super yummy falafel of course, but what sets them apart from your regular falafel guy on the corner is their generous salad bar. You can order a sandwich or a salad with the little fried balls of goodness then shimmy up to their salad bar and load up to your hearts content on mouthwatering veggie options like beets, tabouli, chopped cucumbers and tomatoes, and even these magically crispy broccoli and cauliflower stems. I get my sandwich on whole wheat pita with hummus (sometimes only hummus if I'm trying to lay off the grease), avocado, then piled high with salad bar treasures. Although I haven't sampled them I bet Moaz has equally tasty belgian fries and their sweet potato sisters. Bottom line- this is super fast food worth slowing down for.


"I don't tweet", you have no idea how many times a day I hear that. I admit I, myself was a little intimidated by it too, but Twitter ended up being straightforward to use, and more fun than I imagined. So much more effortless than Facebook, you get the gist of what your tweeps (that's short for twitter peeps) want to convey with out having to look at photos of Aunt Martha's bowling ball collection or your forgotten elementary school peer's vacation to Niagara Falls. Oh on twitter you can post pictures (or twitpics), but they show up as a link instead of a giant image that you have to download on your slow moving smartphone. That's exactly the way founders Jack Dorsey (@Jack) and Evan Williams (@Ev) wanted it. They were looking for a way to use text to send messages to a group of people. They named it Twitter, inspired by the photo site Flickr and because it's definition is a 'short burst of inconsequential information' and 'chirps from birds' - exactly what it is. With only 140 characters to get your point across Twitter is a resourceful man's social network. Twitter is not just a way to exchange ineffectual information but it's also a splendid way to network and meet likeminded souls. I actually met one of my besties, fellow Pilates Instructor, and blogger Jen Seracruse on twitter, go figure! Today about 750 tweets are sent each second totaling about 65 million tweets per day. Join the 3rd most popular social network today and keep in touch with me, follow me @formliving and I promise to follow you back!



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