This ecologically sound Swiss company is over 100 years old and is pretty darn good at making reusable water bottles. My boyfriend gave me my first SIGG for the first birthday we were dating. It was love at first sight for both. SIGG bottles are made of aluminum and their EcoCare liner is made from BPA- FREE and phthalate-free ingredients which is a fancy way of saying your water will taste like water when you drink it and it won't be slowly poisoning you either. They come in a rainbow of colors and you can even customize your own bottle. I think there may be a FORM Pilates SIGG in the works....



Vanilla Perfume
I'm not the kind of girl who kisses and tells, spoils a surprise party, or gives up the identity of her signature fragrance, so LISTEN UP! I discovered this scent completely by surprise while I was browsing in a small local botouiqe in my LA neighborhood: La Maison de la Vanille parfums. This French company makes only vanilla perfumes. These fragrances evoke fantasies of far-flung destinations from Mexico to Madagascar. Each fragrance's base is vanilla but La Maison customizes each of their five signature concoctions based on the remote areas where Vanilla is found blending in notes of amber, incense, sandalwood, or ylang-ylang. I have been religiously been wearing the Vanille givree des Antilles for years and am often asked, "what are you wearing?" I continued to be hush hush about it, only telling the choice few until now. The brand went missing for months when they were having trouble importing to the US, but they're back so I thought it was a sign to share it with the world. It's so good I may be smelling it on the street!



Spy TV shows
A loyal fan of the now defunct Alias I am super happy about the spy trend in this new group of fall TV dramas. The first one to emerge was Covert Affairs staring Piper Perabo. From the producer of The Bourne Identity (one my favorite movies!), Covert Affairs follows Piper's character Annie Walker as she's the girl next door with butt kicking abilities, much like those of Sydney Bristow. Although, it's slightly dubious and a little campy it's entertaining and that Perabo is pretty cute. If you've missed this last season there will be re-runs on USA, and the series has been picked up for another season starting next summer. The most recent addition to the female mercenaries is Nikita. It's much grittier than the former and in my opinion more believable, if you find female ass kickers the size of toothpicks believable. Regardless, it's good fun. Nikita, based on the 1990 film, stars Maggie Q who's a rouge agent and assassin. The series just started so you still have time to set your DVRs. This message will self destruct in 10 minutes....



Red Quinoa
Quinoa was a staple of pre-Colombian civilzations and today is a favorite to health foodies for it's nutritional value and high protein content. A couple weeks ago my client Amy mentioned that she makes a yummy salad with Red Quinoa. Red? I knew of regular Quinoa but red? Turns out both are a great source of dietary fiber, high in magnesium and iron, and are gluten free and can be found at Whole Foods or any health food store. The red version has a slightly more nuttier flavor. Amy suggested this simple salad using the last of yummy summer veggies from the farmer's market:

Quinoa Salad

Red Quinoa
Raw corn just cut off the cob
Fresh herbs of your choice, I used mint
Hierloom Cherry tomatoes

Chop everything into bite-sized pieces, combine, and enjoy!



Morning Star Incense
Morning Star
is a best selling Japanese brand of incense. In true Japanese fashion, each box of Morning Star comes with a little incense holder to prop up their clean little incense sticks. I'm working on spending the first few moments of my mornings in meditation and I needed to set the stage, incense was the first requisite. This incense isn't overpowering or suffocating and comes in great scents like green tea and cedarwood. This is some great earthy smell that invokes a buddhist temple and not a 60's thrift store. I get mine at the whole foods in USQ, but you can get yours at one near you. Ommmmm.


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