April Showers Bring (Biz) Flowers

If you’ve been following our Periscope series, Planting the Seeds of Sales, you know that over the past few weeks we’ve been discussing strategies to create new clients and better your business. This week, we discuss target marketing, and why it’s beneficial for you to be specific with what you want from clients.

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As health and wellness professionals, it may seem that marketing to everyone is the best strategy for finding and keeping clients, but as someone wise once said: quality over quantity! After building your list, you need to know what content to put out there, and it may seem that making broad, general content is exactly what you’d want to do-but you might be wrong about that. Get specific with your clients and understand what they want to see you produce. Understand who they are, so you can make them understand who you are.

All this and much more on Planting the Seeds of Sales II: The Plantening. Keep your eyes peeled for more biz tips and tricks from me, and more Periscopes taking deep dives into important biz topics.


Spring is For Sales!

Spring has officially sprung! The days are getting sunnier and longer, the weather is finally getting out of its wintry funk. But with spring can come a certain feeling of fear-have you done all you could have to build your business over the fall and winter, so it can flourish? Or, like so many of us, have you run into what can feel like an insurmountable brick wall in trying to draw new clients in? Well don’t fear-it happens to us all, and there are several ways around both the feeling and the problem.

We all know that it can be difficult to grow a business in New York City, especially for health and fitness professionals. With a crowded market place, fast paced lives and a schedule that can sometimes feel difficult to manage, it can feel impossible just to manage your own clients, let alone drawing new ones in. But trust me when I say that you want to focus on your growth in order for your business to start its climb to success!

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As anyone who has tried to build a business knows, perhaps the most difficult thing about the beginning stages are creating and maintaining a client base. It can feel time consuming, sometimes expensive, and even nigh upon impossible. But don’t fret yet-there are ways to grow your business that require a little patience and dedication, but that are ultimately simple and even free of charge!

In my latest Periscope, Planting the Seed of Sales, I take you through the beginning steps of authentically and organically growing your business. Start with list building, opt-ins and email providers, and before you know it, you’ll have a group of real people-no spam bots just for numbers and show-that have really, truly opted to view your content. Time and dedication are the keys to success-the paid ways to boost followers can feel instantly gratifying, but may not be the right decision in the long term.

Keep your eyes peeled for more biz tips and tricks from me, and more Periscopes taking deep dives into biz topics.