My Kick-Ass Yearly Planning Tool


set-goals-like-the-pros-just-in-time-for-new--L-MKilrmHopefully by now you’ve completed my Painted Picture exercise from the last newsletter. If you haven’t go here to get the deets. You’re probably saying to yourself, “So, now I have the picture in mind, how the heck do I make it a reality?” The next step is what separates the women from the girls (or men from the boys). Traditional goal setting has  you writing resolutions, goals, or dreams but gives no direction on how to actually make them a reality. The problem isn’t with your ability to dream or plan, your problem is with the follow through. Never fear, Lindsay’s here! I have the plan to resolve your resolutions! No longer will you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of your tasks, or the scope of the life you want to live. This is THE system I use, and the one that will change your life and business for the better.

Using the calendar chart I’ve created, plug in any trips, family, commitments, or vacations you know you are taking next year. If you’re a paper kinda gal, write in pencil, (trust me you’ll want to make changes) Next, take a look at your ten goals you narrowed down in the Painted Picture exercise. Here’s the hard part- place each of the goals into the months you’d like them to be achieved by. Suddenly your year doesn’t look so open does it? Thought you could visit Grandma, get the kids into that exclusive day camp, and go back and get your masters degree…all in the month of June? Think again. This is where you have to get really honest with yourself and maybe even give yourself a smack-down. You want your new year to be productive NOT destructive. One of the problems with planning and productivity is that we (as in you AND me) tend to do the following: over estimate the amount of things we want to get done and underestimate how much time everything actually takes.

I have good and bad news. The bad news is by looking at your year, you’ll realize that you won’t be able to do as much as you’d like, and have to pare down. The good news is by trimming your list, you’ll actually accomplish what you set out to…and like a rock star!  Play around with this calendar for a bit. See what you can comfortably do in a month without tearing your hair out. The third and final step in this process will be to actually map out EVERY step in each goal, but don’t worry I’ll help you with that. For now, take a breath and start to envision the best year your business has ever known!


Balance is an Illusion


You see it everywhere- “Find balance in your life” “Balance work and play” even the “balanced diet”. Well honey, I have some news for you that you may not like…balance is just an illusion. Yes, that’s right, like a shiny oasis in the middle of a desert, balance is a place you never seem to reach, simply because it doesn’t exist. I feel duped just like you. I’ve read every article on the subject, poured over many a self-help book, watched every Oprah episode that claimed to help me regain the balance I had lost, but nothing changed. I was still chasing balance like it was a sample sale at Barney’s. The thing is- you can’t regain what you never had. Balance is ever-changing and in the rare moments that the scales sync up- they tip yet again.

I propose a new way to view life’s equilibrium, a paradigm shift in steadiness. Life guru Danielle LaPorte has a new program all about goal setting and the disappointments that come from not meeting yourself where you had planned to be. The rigidity of goals and balance don’t allow you to be in the moment and follow how you feel day to day. For this very reason, I stopped putting my workout schedule on my calendar. Gone are the days of forcing myself into my skinny spin pants when the previous day was a particularly tough one filled with lots of cookies, too much Cava, and too little sleep. Instead, I’ve learned to bend my knees, kneel down, and meet my inner child right where she is. I look her square in the eyes and sweetly ask her, “What is it you need today, sweetheart?” If that’s a nap, a little walk, or a snuggle with my dog- I honor that.

Turns out that when I stopped hammering myself on what I “should” be doing or chastising myself for who I “should” be instead of who I am…everything got balanced ok on its own. So, I opened a fresh page of my journal and wrote out my new credo. I want to share it with you:

  • Lead with your heart not your head. I like to think I’m a pretty smart gal, but when it comes to knowing what’s best for me my brain can get me all tripped up. When I can turn off my endless stream of thoughts and breathe, I can open to what my soul knows . This takes time- heck, I’m still working on it. My bossy brain spent its whole life notifying me what I’m required to feel, believe, or be.  Unfolding into yourself takes time and patience, but I promise if you follow your heart you’ll always be exactly where you need to be.
  • Catch more flies with honey. Kindness is key here. I know. I’m guilty of more than one occasion of emotionally thrashing myself for some mis-step or mistake. Then afterwards I waste time licking my wounds and trying to rebuild what was broken. Showing yourself the affection and care you would for a child will get you where you want to be much faster and much easier. Not to mention with much less scarring…
  • Just be. We live in a culture of smart phones, constant buzzing, rushing with time flying us by. Especially in my city, New York, we’ve lost the ability to s l o w things to a roll and enjoy the scenery. My yoga practice and meditation help me steady my frantic pace and bring me back to the moment. The present is just that- a present. It’s not about the 5 lbs you want to lose or the 5 lbs you gained, because it’s just what it is right now. So, if all we have is this moment why not just be here with whatever it brings.

So, stand up, steady yourself and find the “balance” of the moment, because in the next one, you’ll just have to find it again. Knowing that my dear, is true balance.

At FORM we know how the struggle for the illusive balance can get you down. Our expert instructors can get you as balanced as you can be. Email our Pilates Concierge and let her set you up with your first session today!

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The Secret To Having THE Life and Business You Want

What is the picture of your future? Have you projected where you want to be in 6 months, a year, or even three years? Does the thought of this make you puke a little??? Let me put it this way- would you hike an unknown trail without a flash light? Hell no! So why are you trying to run your business while you’re in the dark? The key to being more productive, accomplished, successful, and affluent is creating the blueprint of your dreams. Once you have your plan you’ll know what projects to put your precious time into and can strategically plan out the steps to create the life and business you really want. Here’s how:

Sit down, either with your favorite journal or in front of your computer. Lean out into the future three years. Why three years? Well, mostly because one year will fly by before you can blink a mascara-ed eye, and five years will seem like an eternity and you won’t be realistic.

Get Clear. Be very specific with what you want and cover all areas of your biz and your life: Revenue, profit, staff, how many hours a week you want work, where you will live/work, what you want the state of your body to be, how you want your relationships to work, personal finances, etc.

Don’t get hung up on the details. This is a living document which means it will change and grow. Just get a first draft down on paper and then edit yourself later. As you start to identify your passions and wants you’ll find somethings won’t make the list.

Next, using the picture of where you wanna be, take up another sheet of your journal. Open a new doc. Brainstorm all the things you want to accomplish just this year. Make sure your list has both professional and personal goals. I want to be 10,000 richer. I want to have 50 new clients. I want to have twins. You get the idea.

Now, take a black sharpie and circle 10 things you really want to do. Voila! Here’s your goals! Clarity is power. You have the power to be you want to be.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” -Napoleon Hill

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How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

My New York Pilates studio is filled with amazingly successful clients. So amazing and successful that they are traveling for work all the time! Vacations are one thing- but traveling for work can be an exhausting, depleting task. Hours on a dehydrating airplane, lugging luggage the size of boulders, and eating fast food can leave you feeling completely trashed. By the time you get back home you’re “free” time is spent just recuperating until your next world tour. Luckily, I’ve compiled advice from some of the savviest travel mavens just for this occasion. It goes something like this:

  • Never Leave Home Without Eating Like Mama always told you- breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Turns out she was right about something- leaving your house for an am flight without filling your belly, is one of THE worst things you can do. Not only will you be more tempted to have a crappy airport danish and giant cup of java, you’ll be cranky and irritable during your flight. Stash some healthy snacks in your carry on like organic apples, granola/protein bars. They won’t perish easily and you’ll stay ahead of the hunger curve.
  • Pack Light.  Do you really need that extra pair of shoes? Five pairs of pants for five days? You may be glad your outfit matches perfectly, but your back will hate you for lugging your two ton luggage. Style expert, Leslie Gilbert suggests that you pick a items that can be dressed up or down like a maxi skirt or dress. Pick fabrics that are wrinkle free (scrunch them in your hand to test), and fill your boots and shoes with small items like socks or undies to maximize space.
  • DRINK- but only non-alcoholic and decaf beverages. Flying is drying (I’m a poet and I know it!) and while you may be tempted to throw one back before a particularly stressful flight you aren’t going to feel so great afterwards. Drink lots of water and herbal tea, to help you stay afloat and fight any jet lag.
  • Eat Your Veggies or at least drink them… Green vegetables are the holy grail in terms of vitamins and antioxidants, but when you’re left miles from a Whole Foods what’s a girl to do? Pack ‘em. Get a quality mulit-vitamin and a powdered green drink to add to your H2O. This will keep your immune system top-notch and battle against what’s lurking in that recycled air.
  • Take a Chill Pill. Health and lifestyle coach Kara Martin recommends battling travel stress and the upset tummy that can come along with it with a two pronged approach. Pack a probiotic so you can help balance intestinal flora that can get screwy in a new location. Stress is also a big issue with our gut. Martin suggests taking your “chill pill” aka a deep breath when you hit that traffic jam or your flight gets delayed.
  • Plan Ahead. Travel can also derail your workout prowess. Collect a couple short and easy exercise routines (something you could do in your jammies) for morning and evenings right in your hotel room. You won’t have to pack extra workout gear, heavy sneakers, and if you already have your 15min wake up and slow down routines you can just go on autopilot. Here’s to see my 10 min travel routine:

How do you stay healthy while traveling? I challenge you to find at least one way to have a healthier trip. Post your insights below and share with someone who is a road warrior just like you!

Get your personalized travel session by visiting our studio. By learning the technique of Pilates in a private, bespoke environment you will be able to maintain your FORM anywhere you go. Let us show you how!

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Airplane Pilates

Long flights can make your body tight and your sour your disposition. Do these simple exercises anywhere, even in coach.

TV Stretches

Begin seated, feet flat on the floor, knees tracking right over your toes.
Tilt your head to the right bringing your right ear towards your right shoulder. Switch sides twice. Hold the last time each side and give yourself a gentle stretch with your hand. Now, turn your head to the Right then to the Left. Repeat twice. Hold the last time, curling your chin into your ampit and possibly using your had on the back of your head to increase the stretch.

Finally, interlace your fingers behind your head. Curl your chin to your chest and gently stretch.

The Hundred Breathing

Seated tall, inhale for a count of 5 then exhale for a count of 5. Do ten sets of this breathing concentrating on keeping the powerhouse pulled in and up and breathing into your lower back and sides.

Cat and Cow

As you inhale, arch your back opening your collar bone and tilting your tailbone towards the back of your head.
Exhale round your spine trying to bring the crown of your head towards your tailbone. Keep the connection to the powerhouse throughout

Knee Stirs

Sitting tall pull your right knee into your chest.
Without moving anything but your arms circle the knee in the hip joint three times in each direction.
Think of using your powerhouse to move your knee not just your hands.

Knee Holds

After the last knee stir hold each knee into your chest with your powerhouse for the count of five.

Side Bend

Sit tall and cross your arms across your chest.
Pull your powerhouse in and up and bend right then left just moving your upper body not your hips.


Stay in the same position and now twist the upper body to the right then the left, avoiding moving your hips.

Roll Down

Inhale sit up tall. As you exhale curl your chin to your chest rounding your spine forwards your knees. Keep your tailbone and sits bones pointing straight down towards the floor and avoid “tucking” the pelvis under.

Then roll up sequentially through your spine until you are sitting up tall once again.
Repeat this three times. On the last rep reach down and grab onto your ankles to get a deeper stretch.

Hamstring Stretch

While standing, open your feet hip width apart. Place your hands on something hip height and bend your knees a lot. Arch your back and try to keep your tailbone sloped upwards as you attempt to extend your legs slowly.


After your stretch stand in a small Pilates stance (heels together feet no wider than a fists width apart) Place one had on a seat back or wall.
Bend your knees keeping your heels on the floor. Lift just your heels glued together. Then extend your legs, finally lower your heels to the floor.

Repeat by starting with straight legs, lifting your heels, bending your knees, lowering your heels, straightening your legs. Keeping the powerhouse engaged and your heels superglued together the whole time.

Take this workout on the road and let us know if it makes you feel like a million bucks! Share it with other road warriors and leave your comments below. If you want more info on how to take Pilates with us and stay out of travel pain click here.

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