The Proof is in the Pilates

trust-meThings are going well with your Pilates business. You have your own clients. They’re loving Pilates, taking steady sessions, and referring others to you. If that’s the case, why is it that while things are going well, you can’t seem to make the jump to the next level? You’re still struggling month to month to pay your bills and get ahead. When clients go away for  a week or two you feel like you’re gonna tear your hair out or have to move back home with your parents just to make the rent.

While the studio is filled with others just like you, there’s that one Pilates instructor teaching on the reformer next to you that somehow gets celebrity clients and high profile gigs. You’re both qualified instructors, teaching your booties off, making clients smile. So how is it that she’s succeeding and you aren’t? Easy. It’s a little thing called social proof my dear. Social proof.

Never heard of it huh? Chances are you’ve seen other’s social proof without even knowing it. You’ve see the write up about Pilates so-and-so did for Health mag. You’ve read that tweet about how a certain client LOVED her session with what’s-her-face. That’s the proof and it’s pretty powerful. Those simple mentions are what makes a non-believer into a convert. A potential client into a paying one. Wondering how you can get some proof for yourself? Here’s three simple ways below:

  • Help a Reporter Out or HARO as it’s cleverly called. Writers have stories for which they need sources. That’s where you come in. You are the expert in your field (remember the $2000 plus you spent on your cert?) and it’s time to tell the world about it. Subscribe to HARO to get daily updates on queries that you may be able to lend a quote, tip, or get interviewed
  • Get your clients to testify Testimonials are one of the main reasons someone decides to book with you or not. Prospects want to see that you changed people’s lives, helped alleviate their back pain, or even made them fit into their wedding dress. This is proof. Having quotes from clients that love you and are devoted to you makes makes a huge difference. To get the goods, ask nicely, get permission, and be specific about what you want to hear. Then pimp that stuff out on your website and marketing materials!
  • Earn some props Give good love, get some back. If you give killer sessions and your clients are singing your praises, ask them to shout it out! Merely ask them to tweet about you or post about it on their Facebook wall. It’s extra nice (and the best way to ensure your request deliver results) to offer a little incentive which could be anything from a free mat class to a percentage off their next package. Then RT and re-post those puppies asap.

Getting authentic praise will take some work and patience. Just follow these simple steps and with you’ll be on the way to building your tribe. The more the word gets out how major you are as a Pilates instructor people will be waiting in line to book.

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How Multi-tasking Slows You Down

Look, I know how it is. You have a busy schedule, maybe a child (or two), an important job, or maybe your own business. The point is you have responsibilities and your to-do list is a mile long. In your best effort to stay ahead of the curve, you feel like you HAVE TO do it all, and do it all right now!!! You don’t even know how you became a multi-tasking demon or maybe you’re in denial that you are one at all? Have no fear, Lindsay’s here. Let’s s l o w down and find a present state of being that allows you to actually get things done and keep your sanity to boot.


  • Get real The first step in any good recovery program is to get free from denial. Yes, you heard me right, “denial my dear is NOT just a river in Egypt.” It is where you are if you think juggling ten (or even two) balls at once is productive. Once you’ve come clean, you have to sit with it and start to build your in-the-present power. Start paying attention to how you pile on your tasks. Stop, take a breath, and pick just one. Try not to get frustrated when in minutes time you find yourself piling it on again. Stop. Take a breath. Choose one task. Repeat as necessary. You build up your multi-task muscle so now it’s time to develop your strength in a different way.*extra credit for sitting and meditating

  • Bundle that shiznit I recently read an alarming statistic that says if we check out email every five minutes it’s a total of 24,000 times a year! Just put down the iPhone. Practice bundling your tasks like email, phone calls, paying bills. etc. You will save so much time AND energy focusing on one task for a predetermined time. If you’re a recovering email addict like myself, you’ll most likely go through some withdrawals. I recommend scheduling specific times to check the email, maybe once an hour (if you’re really a user;) and then slowly increase the space until you are only checking it two or three times a day! You will find that you suddenly have time to do the dishes, get a workout in, heck- write that book. You can thank me later…





  • Streamline your to-dos If you’re like me, my to-do list can overwhelm even the most organized time management ninjas. I deal with it two ways:
    • If I’m overwhelmed, I use my biz goddess of a mentor, Marie Forleo’s brilliant overwhelm exercise. Sit for 10 min and brain dump. Write down everything in your brain that you have to do, are stressed about, etc without editing. Then, take 5 min to cross off anything that you have no control over. Worried about your kid finding friends at school? Cross that off. Will your new client like you and want to continue? Criss cross. Finally, take what you have left and schedule the steps you will need to accomplish to complete said task. Remember: If it’s not scheduled it’s not real.
    • Be okay with accomplishing only 3 tasks a day. Wellness warrior, Kris Carr, says “I can only metabolize 3 tasks a day.” For the multi-tasking master this may seem like child’s play but it works. By narrowing it down to 3 do-able tasks you feel successful, not overwhelmed. Then if you have more time, you can always add on more. Follow this step with a simple affirmation: “I have done the perfect amount today”. Booyah. Productivity mojo.

Now it’s your turn. How do you keep your sanity and get more done? Pick a strategy, try it out, and leave your findings below. I want to hear from you!

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Make a Sale Less Sleazy

The other night I was going through my Netflix searching for a movie to watch and came across “Glengarry Glen Ross.” The infamous American drama penned by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright David Mamet. The film depicts two days in the life of four real estate salesmen and the life of high pressure sales. About 90 minutes later, I sat open mouthed on my couch, ruminating on the master class in drama I had witnessed. What really struck me was how true it was to real life. Just the week before, I had dealt with not one, but two of these slippery salespeople who wielded their Jedi mind tricks. It left me thinking, “there has to be a better (insert classier, more authentic, or maybe honorable here) way to do business and still keep your conscience clear,” but how?

In our business as Pilates instructors, unlike the sales team of Glengarry, we rarely receive training on how to convert a first time student into a life-long practitioner. Depending on if you work in a private studio, in the client’s home, or for a big gym, you might have more pressure to close that sale but close the sale you must. I don’t know about you, but I break into a cold sweat just thinking about cold calling or pressuring someone into plunking hundreds of dollars worth of Pilates onto their credit card. Nevertheless, we all need to put food in our mouth, clothes on our back, and maybe pay the occasional bill or two. Below are my do’s and don’t’s of making a successful sale less slimy and more smooth:

Do let people know what you have to offer. Nothing sleazy or underhanded here; just the facts. I teach Pilates, period. You’d be surprised how many people don’t even know what you do…

Don’t bombard your Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks with sales-y posts. Think of social media as the dating period. Would you have a second date if your blind date asked you to get married right away? It takes time for prospects to get to know you and trust you before they buy.

Do give away high value for free. That’s right, be willing to give some of what you got for free. It says to your prospects, “You like this awesome stuff I’m giving away? Uh huh, there’s much more where that came from!” Get your free stuff out to the world by writing informative articles, giving potential clients a comp session, or making free YouTube videos strutting your stuff. Once they see what amazing content you are offering for free, they won’t be able to wait to see what your paid programs are like! The general rule is, free, free, fee.

Don’t try and sell anything that you wouldn’t buy. Authenticity is key here. Let your zeal  and excitement for what you do shine through. Just a little natural emotion when you share about the benefits of a Pilates practice, the advantages of learning it in a professional studio, or the value of multiple sessions a week- can make the sale alone. Passion is contagious and yours will be IF it’s real.

Do use call to actions in your marketing materials and blogs. A call to action is just a simple phrase or link for someone to take action after reading something you’ve put out in the market-o-sphere. For example, you’ve just written a great blog post about the history of Pilates and Joe Pilates himself. At the bottom of your article you could add something like, “If you’re interested in experiencing the work of this amazing man for yourself click here and book a free intro session with me today!” Maybe, it’s not even a sales call to action but rather one to further engage with your ideal customer. If you post something on Facebook about getting your weekly Pilates workout in, ask people to comment below and leave examples of what exercises they found challenging. This leaves a perfect opportunity to interact and continue to build your relationship  with your followers and give away free advice.

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