3 Fall Hangouts You Shouldn’t Miss

Two is always better than one. Such is the case with exploring NYC. Here’s my pick for three things you can do with your bestie here in the big apple:

1- Go High and Go Low

New York is always on the cutting edge of making the most out of what we got, like the High Line, the above ground park built on an elevated historic freight rail line. So, it’s no wonder that we would go below to have the Low Line too. The master plan of local lower east side architects and engineers to bring green space to an area lacking in both space and foliage. Nestled in the former Williamsburg trolley terminal, untouched for decades, these innovators have designed a remote skylight to deliver sunlight from the surface and actually provide enough natural light to allow plant life to flourish. Although it is in its early stages they are offering a glimpse into the potential of the future park. Visit the exhibition anytime between September 15-27 for its inaugural “day” fair with pop-ups from some of the LES’s best tasting goodies.

2- Go cheap

Our fair city is a museum mecca and Saturday September 29th, the Smithsonian is sponsoring Museum Day. It’s free, yes that’s FREE, to visit one of 28 museums. My pick is the little known Museum of Arts and Design. MAD (as they lovingly call themselves) is nestled kitty corner from the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. Take a free (yup, there’s that word again) docent tour of the museum while inside and when you’ve taken in all your eyes can muster, wander upstairs to one of the area’s greatest kept secrets, Robert. Robert is a sexy little gem with one of the best views of Central park. Go for brunch, lunch, dinner, or late night snack but make sure to splurge on one of their specialty libations. You might even see a famous ballerina from Lincoln Center sipping one right in the booth next to you….

3- Go eat

New Yorkers know how to eat, and we celebrate the fact that we have some of THE best food in the world with the annual NYC Food and Wine Festival. October 17th-20th, it is a long weekend of cuisine infused activities that range anywhere from $20-$400. You can taste, listen, and party with some of the industries hottest chefs like Racheal Ray, Anita Lo, and Giada De Laurentiis. Stuff your face at one of the Grand Tastings and maybe bad boy Anthony Bourdain will be there to sign your t-shirt, eh I mean book.

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