Braving Boroughs- Crazy, Sexy, Lecture

Kris Carr and Gabby Bernstein

Looking for adventure, my girl Jen Seracuse and I signed up for a seminar via VItal Juice, guided by wellness gurus, Gabrielle Bernstein and Kris Carr. The ticket price was right and we figured that at minimum we would create some good karma just by attending. So, last Wednesday we shimmied over to the Center in the West Village with open minds- but still with question marks hovering above our heads. We had quickly signed up and paid our $15, but had no idea what was in store. Does attending a health seminar make you healthier just by proximity?

We arrived to the event early to an already half filled multi-purpose room. The audience consisted mostly women our age, in our industry, with similar trendy attire, well coiffed hairdos, and manicured hands. There we were- in front of our mirror that was the crowd. We checked in and nestled in our seats. Glancing around we noticed the speakers, like mini-celebrities greeting admirers, snapping photos, and signing book copies. There were handouts left at our chairs, with information on the evenings topics, and when the event began to get underway, the filled to capacity room buzzed. Wellness warriors around me busted out their notebooks and pens, prepared to hang on every word.

The first speaker, Gabriel Bernstein, or Gabby as she invited us to call her, is coined as a next generation guru, motivational speaker, life coach, and author. Although in her past life she was a cut throat PR maven, she’s slowed her roll and now focuses her influence in more esoteric matters. Mentored by Marianne Williamson and steeped in teachings from A Course in Miracles, Gabby is the hip modern-day sage. I align myself right in the center of her intentions and substance. She’s bolstered my belief in the power of prayer, positive thinking, and meditation. She has reminded me that “I am entitled to miracles”. Clothed in a leather mini, twirling her long lustrous locks while delivering her message to her screaming ‘Spirit Junkie’ fans, she is able to bring spirituality to my generation.

Next up was Kris Carr, and the reason I paid to sit in an uncomfortable chair for two hours. I was introduced to Kris through Marie Forleo, another motivation orator that I think is hilarious and worthwhile. Marie had Kris on one of her vlogs one day, talking about her new book about health and wellness, Crazy Sexy Diet. Turns out Kris is more than just another diet educationist. Diagnosed with inoperable, incurable cancer at the ripe age of 31, the former struggling actress took matters into her own hands. She started with an inspirational documentary of her journey and then published two books many use as manuals for holistic healing and well-being. I have Crazy Sexy Diet right on my nightstand and am honestly into what this girl is saying. I was anxious to see what she was like in living color, and Kris didn’t disappoint. Her theatrical background made for a natural humorist, after all not many can make bodily waste and green juice sexy, but she does it. With a streak of pink hair flowing down her back, I witnessed Kris incite hope and spark where little was before.

I often find myself stradling a line between abhorring coffee while shunning flesh, and eating donut burgers while nursing a rum and diet coke. I suspect I’m not alone. Most of us waffle between this saint and sinner behavior, and have definite judgements about which side we ‘should’ stand on. Maybe we’re just where we need to be- right smack dab in the middle.

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