peacock3Last month was a series of disappointments, one after the other. I was having a tough time and found myself feeling low; lower than I’d been in a long time. I’m usually a very upbeat and positive person  (slightly type A but a happy type A) but this time I would try to build myself up and something would come right up and knock me down, TKO style.

I’ve been teaching Pilates for years now, 8 years to be exact and recently I decided to give up my career as a Broadway actress and pursue my Pilates business full time. Every day, I work hard preparing my business for the anticipation of the opening of my own space here in the city. I teach my clients, write my blog, shoot workouts for youtube, and gather information for my newsletters all because I have a passion for making the Classical Pilates method accessible and modern for today’s practitioner. Like most things in life, anything worth having is worth working for, and it is work. I don’t shy away from hard work, lord knows if I learned anything from my ballet teachers with their canes beating at my bleeding point shoes, I learned to work hard. I think somewhere in my head I thought that carving a spot for myself out in the fitness world would be easier. Boy, I thought wrong.

That's me on the left back in my dancin' days!

That’s me on the left back in my dancin’ days!

When I was auditioning I always hated what I called the “peacocks” of the business. They’re the ones that push there way to the front of the dance floor, elbow you in the ribs, and have their lips permanently pursed to kiss some serious bootie, all the while preening and splaying their gigantic feathers. I could never be a peacock, even if I tried. I’m way to thoughtful and sensitive to kick anyone’s shins (although I may just be getting better at it!). I tend to be insecure and cope with it by becoming withdrawn instead of falsifying my egotism. Being Ms. Nicelady can get you in to trouble in the quest to kick up your heels on Broadway and apparently also in your path to publicly teach people to pull their abs in and up, as I learned last week.

Like they say, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”, but when is imitation just plain copy-ing?

A yoga and Pilates college of mine liked my blog so much that she decided to poach it’s title, merely changing one word. This isn’t the first time that this has happened to me. There’s a handful of Pilates websites created after mine that drew from my experience and design aesthetic, some that even “borrowed” text from it’s pages. This time though, it was personal. How can someone who’s already pretty successful, someone who already has celebrity clients, someone I had helped promote her own projects stab me in the back? In other words, she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, sheep’s Lululemon workout gear at that! Well, that which doesn’t kill us make us stronger, and after a half a box of Puffs and a stiff drink I was ready to take my revenge…becoming an even stronger version of me. There is only one me. The more I focus on being the best I can with all that makes me special and different and Lindsay, I will always succeed. I can prosper without stepping on and over others. I can share the success because there’s enough success to go around. I can lay my head every night knowing I’m a good person. I hope this inspires you to be more of yourself everyday and not be afraid of opening your heart. Being a thoughtful and giving person will only bring you happiness and reward. My life is full and joyous and I am blessed. Plus, it’s nice knowing karma is a bitch.

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City Summer

Today is Memorial Day, the official start of summer in NYC. After a long snowy winter everyone is on their knees thanking Mother Nature for the warmth and sunshine. Although this is my fourth summer in the city, I’m just now approaching summer with a New Yorker’s mentality. Unlike Southern California, New York City is defined by its seasons. There’s the crisp, leaves turning fall, the snowy, slushy, sometimes unbearable winter -the first blooms of spring, and of course, the hot, humid, even more unbearable summer. As weather tends to dictate life, (picture little Lindsay in a gigantic floor length down jacket, snow boots, and an oversized ski cap!) Manhattan’s habitants live by the calendar. Memorial Day, historically a day of remembrance for our fallen service men, is also the official beginning of the summer, and you can feel it. The city is quiet over the weekend and most everyone is out of town or at the beach. (the same goes for the end of August and Labor Day). For those of you who’ve never been to NYC in the dead of summer, it’s hot. I mean fantastically humid, horribly hot temperatures, like what I imagine to be the bowels of hell. The streets radiate with the same heat of the sun and the stench of the city can burn your nostrils. Tourists flood onto our streets looking desperately at maps or upwards, only seeing skyscrapers with barely any sky. If you’re a local and can afford it, you get out of the city’s stifle on the weekends, especially during the sweltering months of July and August.

In my second year living here, I heard word of this summer migration. My first year, I was performing on Broadway and didn’t have the luxury of a normal schedule with an eight show a week commitment. I hardly noticed it was summer at all, spending most days inside an air-conditioned, darkened theater. The first time I witnessed this summer exodus, I was really surprised. Who knew Sex and the City was reality? I hadn’t planned to take any vacations or go home to LA that year in an effort to be available to teach. Sadly, when August rolled around there was nary a body around for me to instruct. I found myself lonely and bored sitting incredibly close to the only air-conditioner I had in my tiny apartment…in my underwear. My usually tan Californian self had become transparently white over the bitter winter months and wasn’t getting any tanner inside my apartment on the Upper West Side. When I lived five blocks from the beach in Venice, I could hop on my beach cruiser and pedal over to the sand in minutes. Here in NYC going to the beach was an effort and required planning. Where do I go and what train will take me there? I still have nightmares the first time I borrowed my boyfriend’s car in order to take a day trip to Jones Beach and instead of spending the day basking in the sun I wasted the day away at various highway gas stations incredibly lost and upset. Desperate for a couple of vitamin D filled days, I perched myself on my rickety fire escape in my bathing suit trying to resurrect my old Coppertoned self. This year I’ve learned my lesson and I’m trying to make things different. In these upcoming summer months I’m looking to take my teaching on the road.

Traditionally, well off Manhattanites head out to the Hamptons on the weekends. In my time here I’ve only been once for a quick trip, two summers ago, and have been dying to go back ever since. It’s a long drive but once you get deeper into Long Island the roadsides are filled with quaint cafes, farmers markets, and stylish boutiques. The beaches, although different than my native Cali, are serene and relaxing. New York State is very beautiful. I thought to myself…now this is how to enjoy east coast summers. Currently I’m trying to set up some work with wealthy clients in their Hampton homes this summer. In my dreams I see myself reporting here about sand filled studios and weekends outside of the city. I will also be heading home to Los Angeles once, if not twice, to the land of eternal summer. I plan to do some teaching and catch up with old friends, but most of all soak up the sunshine! Who knows, I may have just enough time between teaching to get back to my old tanned California self. (Don’t worry, I now wear my sunscreen!)

Here’s to a great Summer filled with sun and Pilates!

If you’re planning on being in the Hamptons or in California this summer please contact me to get my teaching schedule or schedule a session in the studio!

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